07 May 2009

He frightens me, sometimes.

Gabriel's ridiculous scratch? Miraculously gone! Unphotoshopped:


So....Gabriel is Wolverine? I guess I should wait till he's full grown for the adamantium skeleton.

Also, yesterday at school Gabriel got married. He put a ring on her toe and a ring on her finger and they put their nap mats together for naptime and he drew her seven pictures and one was her name and they hug but she says no kissing. All of this told to me casually on the drive home. The future? It does not look good.



I'm still hosting a giveaway at Disgraced Shopping.


  1. Oh wow. You are in trouble! A ladies man already. I grieve for your future.

  2. I am definitely in favor of a ring on the finger AND a ring on the toe. Anything for more sparkly jewelry, really.

  3. At least he knows early that jewelry comes with the territory.

  4. Oh no....now is the time to put him an an all boys school! Or will that just make things worse? Hmmm, I dunno know, but I do NOT envy you all the midnight giggly hang up phone calls, etc. On the other hand, maybe the kid could make you some mad cash with a modeling career.

  5. LMAO....well if his head starts spinning THEN start to worry.

    Married huh? Yeah. You're in trouble.

  6. AWWW. Is it wrong that I kinda want to have a daughter ASAP so Gabriel can marry her?

    That's so fricken cute.