21 May 2009

Banana Republic/GAP/Old Navy STUFF

So I have a Banana Republic card, and I get "rewards" when I use it. With my most recent statement, I got a $40 rewards card. And then I got a duplicate statement, with a second $40 reward card. And then I logged on to spend my free money and typed in the codes and they were actually both worth $50. And then I inexplicably got an EXTRA $50 off? Plus free shipping. So I bought a bunch of stuff, because I had $150 to blow through right quick in a hurry, plus 20% off for using my card? On a purchase of $0? Yes please!

For Gabriel, I got Plaid flat front shorts (19.99) and a Junk Food™ Superman T-Shirt (17.99), both from The GAP.

And for me. Good lordy this might take awhile. A cropped canvas peacoat (on sale for $14.99?!?!)
Kiwi green intarsia sweater (on sale for $12.99) (I already have the blue one with the birdie on it)
Women's Classic Rise Boot-Cut Jeans on sale for $20 (yeah I wear classic rise jeans. I'm a mom. Shut up).
So that was all from Old Navy. From Banana Republic I got this (hopefully fabulous) jersey t-shirt dress for $49.99.
And orchid hairclips in both coral and orange ($12 each).

So yeah. If you get free money in the mail? I can spend it for you right quick and in a hurry.


  1. Rock on! Love the dragonfly sweater. Off to buy one!

  2. OOOOOooo, how does this free money shit work? that is sooo cool! I love those hair clips. I must have them. I wonder if they have them in the stores? omg, now i want to shop!

  3. I want the hair clips too! But not the other stuff. I'm frumpy mom, you're fashionable mom. ;) Well probably I'd wear the Superman shirt if they had it my size.