13 April 2009

This truly has nothing to do with anything.


Have I mentioned lately that I hate my feet?

They're weirdly big yet narrow, plus I have a crazy high instep that makes it impossible to find regular sneakers that don't make it feel like my feet are going to collapse in on themselves when I run. Or else I physically cannot get my foot to fit inside of the shoe, because of the odd tallness of my arch.

I don't work out much.

And I have eczema of one foot??

What is that?

I mean couldn't it at least be both, for the sake of symmetry?


I just have a single hurty, ugly, peely foot.

Plus a big jagged scar up one ankle from my car accident last year.

The good news is I have really good luck shopping for heels and dress shoes, which usually fit me well.


  1. I am not a big fan of my feet either - but as my dad likes to remind me - if they work, you are in good shape. LOL.

  2. Give the eczema some time... It'll spread.

  3. I hate feet. My feet have different sets of toes on them. Not so much that it LOOKS strange, but you can tell if you study them... and when I was a teenager I studied them... I must have had more time then I do now!

    Man I need a pedicure....

  4. I think your feet look cute. You must have feedysmorphia, which is when a person cannot see the true cuteness of their own feet. You poor thing.

  5. You are not alone my dear. As if 9 years of ballet and over 6 of gymnastics didn't do wonders, my doctors pretty sure I've broken nearly 4 of my toes without knowing it from soccer and I inherited the giant crooked toes of my dad....

    ...you are not alone!

    Do you envy people with cute little tan feet that can wear toe rings and anklets without looking retarded? I really hate those girls.

  6. Um, you've got nothing on my strange, harpy-like toenails, so I wouldn't worry if I were you.

  7. We are feet twins!

    My arches are stupid high (little animals run under them when it rains for shelter), I have long toes that I'm pretty sure I could write a novel with (hey, if I lose my hands I'm still golden), and they are big. Like, Jolly Green Giant big.

    Feet suck. All feet.
    Except baby feet.

  8. I have flat feet. Kills my knees when I run. All feet sort of gross me out. With the major exception of my kiddos. I rub them, kiss them and smell them so much that I'm sure t hey have a foot fetish coming on.

  9. I have the exact same problem with the narrowness and the crazy high arches. Due to my clumsiness and love of bare feet I've broken every toe except the big ones, some twice. My feet are so unstable due to the arches that I've stress fractured a metatarsal just just getting out of bed in the am. I'd love to have your eczema isntead. :)

  10. I don't think they're bad. No big bunions at least. I love my feet, except they're flat and they do hurt if I'm on my feet all day.

  11. What about my weirdly long and bony ET toes?

  12. The Boulder newspaper had a letter to the editor the other day begging people to wear real shoes, and to stop offending strangers by showing off your ugly hooves in flip flops. I thought it was an interesting thing to write to the editor about?
    I don't think your feet are ugly or gross at all, but the picture reminded me of the weird letter. And you do always have such luck with heels...

  13. Woah, all the way on the other side of the country, I find someone with the same footsie complaints...Eczema and funky arches. Seriously? Wow. I thought I was a freak of nature with eczema on my footsie.

    I like to make mine worse by wearing flipflops in cold weather, and high heals whenever I can :)