17 April 2009

Talk Nerdy To Me

Don't worry, I'm only going to devote this one entry to the geekery of my blog design. Indulge me.

Yesterday I was trying to do....something that I honestly don't remember, and I (wait for it) DELETED a simple little button that I had made linking to my other site, my blogroll, contact info, etc. I had made the button myself, with my good friend Mr. Google holding my hand (so trust that it was EXTREMELY GHETTO), but I remember it being HARD and I don't wanna.

I whined on twitter that I needed some geek help. Twitterers helped me! I love the interwebs. And people. I heart people. @BradOlson actually found my deleted button on a cached version of this site, but by that time I had started lusting after tabbed browsing.

So. I set up a test blog and started fussing with this template. I had to wonk around the margins a lot to get it to fit my stuff, which, in theory, it did. Then I uploaded it here, and it did not. Reading through the template (which by no means do I fully understand, I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-learn-only-enough-CSS-to-ruin-my-blog type of girl) it looked like it should look how I wanted but it TOTALLY DID NOT. Everything was shifted just-enough-to-bug-me to the right, and my photos were all getting cut off, and GAH.

The super awesome and incredibly hawt MommyMelee pointed me in the direction of Firebug, a Firefox add-on which OMG LIFE SAVING WEB TOOL. It breaks down all of your html/CSS/etc and you can make changes to it and see what effect it has and yay! If you ever want to play around with your blog, I HIGHLY recommend using this tool.

Now I feel extremely accomplished and also? Awesome. Because look! I have tabs! CLICK ON MY TABS! MIRACLES! And (while I certainly used a template, I'm not quite that awesome) I DID IT MAHSELF.

What do you think?


  1. ohhhhhh. tabs..... I Want TABS!!! I am SO jealous!

  2. love it and I just may borrow the info provided here to help a friend make her blog super special!!

  3. I could pretend like I understood most of what you said, but I'm just not that smart.

    I know I've said this before, but I love you son's hair.

  4. Mommy Melee is The Freaking Awesome. SeriouslyI love it when you talk nerdy to me, baby. Do it again!

  5. Tabbed everything is better than non-tabbed anything else.

    I really, really need to overhaul my template.