08 April 2009

Love and thanks and loss and tears

I realized today that I take my son for granted.
I hardly pause to consider how he's gone from Rolly Polie to Rather Pointy.
He picks out his own clothes and he helps me make dinner and he waxes poetic about the snails outside of his school.
He goes to school.
He loves apple sauce.
He knows how to spell his name and call his grandma.
He can't quite figure out peddling his bike.
His outfit of choice is jamma pants under shorts.
When he's trying to remember something he says, "I'm trying to know it."
I have to keep the heat turned up because he insists on sleeping on top of the covers.
He has four different tea sets.
Yesterday he was tiny.
Tomorrow he will continue to grow.



Squeeze your babies.
Give thanks.

$13,000 has been donated in Maddie's name.

It's not enough.

Rest in peace Madeline Alice Spohr


  1. Life goes by so fast. You have to remember to slow down so you don't miss the good stuff.

  2. He's beautiful. I'm going to hug my children tonight, once for me. Once for Maddie.

  3. I keep grabbing S and crying. It's freaking him out. But I can't help it. Can't help thinking that Maddie won't have a third birthday and how unbelievably unfair that is.

  4. I hadn't read about Maddie's story before today so I was looking at the previous entries on Heather's blog and it was so sad... all that time in April and March where she was just documenting milestones and everyday occurrences, with no idea of what was to come. It broke my heart.

  5. Yes. This really changes perspective.

  6. So sad. So very sad. And as regards your beautiful boy, I have a couple of pix from Woolfcamp (of him) that I'd like to send you. What email addy should I use?

  7. Oh honey! You aren't missing anything. You love him dearly and are doing a great job creating a well adjusted - adorable little boy!

    Oh, and have I ever told you I think I love you? LMAO!

  8. Oh, Maddie. So incredibly sad.

    I love that Gabriel says, "I'm trying to know it." Too cool, that boy!

  9. Jenny,
    Thank you for sharing the link to the Spohrs blog. This put into great perspective for me how fortunate I am. I wasn't sure if you knew, but I was a premature baby, weighing less that 2lbs when I was born. I am now 21, living a healthy life. I often forget how lucky I am.

  10. Meeting Gabriel as Spiderman was one of the highlights of Woolfcamp. You're a lucky one, all right. So's he.