06 April 2009

I'm not used to writing from Euphoria

I had a wonderful weekend meeting a bevy of thinkers and doers who are creating and making and inspiring. I left Grace's house with a list of new authors to read, a new rum to buy, and (most importantly) new friendships to develop.
I'm experiencing fabulous post-WoolfCamp contentedness. I admit I'm not used to writing when I'm happy. Everything looks not-quite-right. Too much shiny-happy-rainbow?

No more overtime this week. I know there are folks out there who love the money, but I could not be more thrilled. I'm looking forward to seeing my son for a whole three hours a day again; last week I was lucky if I got to spend half an hour with him. And let's be honest, when you only see your toddler for a half hour, every one of those excruciating 30 minutes is devoted to The Whine.

I'm thrilled to be back to normal levels of I-hardly-see-my-kid-and-no-one's-the-better-for-it.

Gabriel's been begging me to bake cookies with him. He sees his aunt and grandma all crafty in the kitchen, and he wonders how come I never pull the fancy red KitchenAid down from on top of the fridge. Because I'm always tired, that's why. And besides, Laura and Grandma are more accomplished cookie-makers. They've had lots more practice.
He asked me again this morning as we were bundling out the door.
How much more time do I have before baking with his mom is LAME or EMBARRASSING? Cherish the small moments, right?
I've decided I'm going to make my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies some time before the week's out. Maybe I'll even take pictures! Who knows?

Sincerely hoping that everyone has a beautiful week full of glitter and unicorns, or whatever it is that makes you smile.


  1. He won't think baking is cool much longer is right. Hope the cookies are a success.

  2. You're much braver than I. I just bought break n bake cookie dough for Easter. I can cook up a storm, but my baking leaves something to be desired.

  3. Any weekend that results in finding a new booze is a good weekend.

  4. Oy ... new booze, new friends, new authors. Oh My! Sounds lovely! I will be starting a 4 day weekend for myself starting at 11pm tonight Central time ... HEE YAWWW! That's right ... I pulled out the dukes of hazzard call. Uh huh!

  5. Yeah aunts and grandma's always win at cookie baking. Why set him up for disappointment :) I'm sure you're a great cook.

  6. This post had it all: booze, gals, cookies and Gabriel. Bust out that Kitchenaid sweetheart. I can't wait to see those pictures.

  7. Glad to hear you so happy and optimistic!! Of course for the good of your writing I hope you stay happy but still have plenty of frustrated moments to throw in there...pretty sure K will take care of that for ya!

  8. I'm sorry...rumwhatnow?

    New Rum? Where is this rum? How was it?

    I'm afraid I didn't get any further than that....

  9. I am a slacker so I buy the cookies in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. The ones you just put on a cookie sheet, not even the ones you actually have to slice. Way too much work to have to slice them myself.

  10. Ooo! Share the recipe along WITH the pictures!

  11. Good for you! I'm a total load in the baking department, too. I love to cook, but baking is too precise. Too much measuring, and who the hell knows what temp their oven really bakes at?

    Plus, if I make 'em, I eat 'em.

  12. ive been baking cookies all week, trying to get rid of all my jam:

    marmalade chocolate chip cookies
    strawberry almond pinwheels
    and blackberry thumbprints

    cookies are fun! and delicious!

    you should try to make the kind of cookies where you need to cover the entire counter in flour and wield a rolling pin. i remember loving to make those kind when i was a kid.

  13. Neat. I remember reading VDog's tweets about Woolf Camp.
    Very cool! ;D