27 April 2009

If they could all be this long...

I told y'all I was going out of town. I was going to go visit with Julia, and go with her to get her new tattoo, but K's plans to take his son for the weekend all but evaporated, so I stayed right here.

On Thursday & Friday I was at a work retreat. I...don't really have the words. My coworker and I just kept looking at each other and whispering fiercely, "What are we doing here??" I slept with a crucifix over my bed, and....I made a cracked tile mosaic picture frame? There was also basket weaving, but that class was full.

Friday I had a lovely playdate with Gwendomama. Gabriel and Ezra are some of the most fabulous playmates. I was glad to see for myself that Gwendo is doing well. Good times were had by all. We shall be doing it again. And soon.

Saturday I hung out with my family. Then I kidnapped my 12-year-old brother for the evening and had him babysit so I could go out with my sister.

One of the top ten greatest pictures I have ever taken:

3-25-09 with Fritz

Laura's standing next to Fritz. We've known Fritz our whole lives. He lives with one of our uncles. He often does not recognize us. This is worth so much more than a paltry thousand words.

And Duncan met up with us! Dunky's my 24-year-old brother, I know it's hard to keep track of all of us.

3-25-09 with Duncan

I'm not sure why it was so important for me to show the camera my armpit, but it obviously was.

We were at Callahan's. While it's always "biker friendly," on Saturday it was extra-much so. There were lots of fancy leather Hell's Angels vests. I like to hang out with a wide variety of sketchy people.


  1. You look super cute, armpit and all!! :)

  2. You look super cute, armpit and all!! :)

  3. Such a good looking family. As each brother grows up, he looks like the brother before him at that age. If that makes sense. James now looks like Duncan did when I met Duncan. And Daniel seriously looks like James used to (not something I figured out from this particular post, obviously).
    Also? I left you a present here: http://parisanne.blogspot.com/

  4. @Pare there's another picture from Saturday night with Laura and Duncan and HOLY BATMAN they look identical.

    The five of us are definitely, definitely related.

  5. Are you looking for niche votes in the Hottest Mommy award?

  6. I love that you kidnapped your brother. So necessary sometimes :)

  7. Hey, hanging out with the Hell's Angels is all good as long as you have good reflexes and know when to hit the deck.

    Yeah, I've been to way too many Bike Weeks, I know...

    Love the armpit and the family. You are all definitely related. Oh, and Fritz has a Sam Elliot look going on there.

  8. That's the sexiest damn armpit I have ever seen.

  9. Well, it is a nice looking armpit.

  10. I think you were trying to show off your watch and didn't realize that your armpit was so much...wider! :-)

  11. sorry you didn't get to go away, but it looks like a fantastic time!

    Armpit and all.

  12. Oh my goodness... you two look a lot alike...

    I miss my siblings....

  13. First off-cute brother! Second-I thought you were showing off your watch, not your armpit, so I think you're fine. :)
    Also? So I'm not alone!!: I have a 12 year old sister and a 21 year old bro, and I'm 31. My mom had a kid each decade! LOL