21 April 2009

Heatwave Brain

It is hot.

I am hot.

I lived in Chico, California for three years. A town where it might hit 117 degrees in the summer. I know about hot.

Right now it's 90ish. Which, really, when you're outside, is not that unbearable.

But SC isn't used to it, and it's not made for it.

Nobody has air conditioning. There's no A/C at work. I drive a car without it. I would never dream of driving a car without A/C if I lived in someplace where this weather was the norm.

So inside of everywhere is hot and stuffy, and you don't get that refreshing whoosh of cool air when you open a door. You open a door and walk into an oven.

So I'm hot.

It makes it hard to think.



  1. Ick! How does the work place smell after a hard day?

  2. Oh boo hoo, I'm hot. I live in an igloo, Sunshine!

    Hee hee, I'm joking. Sorry you're uncomfortable.

  3. Send some of the warm weather my way. We could use some warmth up here in Maine.

  4. UGH. Yeah.... I cannot stand to be hot... and then to not have the option of a/c?? I hope that the heat wave ends soon!!

  5. Hey you said you wanted to be the Hottest Mommy Blogger - - there you go!! It's official...You are HOT!

  6. Snow tomorrow. Forgive me if I don't feel too much pity for your overheated brain.


    I covet.

  7. That just sucks. And is exactaly why I live in Upstate NY where we have winter a good 7 months out of the year.

    Hope it cools down soon.

  8. I always knew you were hot. What? Oh, you mean the temperature? Oh, huh...it never gets that hot in Vermont. We might melt!