30 April 2009

Girl Talk Thursday - Guilt Free $50

While I'd much rather have $1000 to spend guilt-free (why hello Anthropologie wardrobe, fancy meeting you in my closet!), I can fantasy shop with $50. I just so happen to be an expert day-dreamer.

So. There are some things I want. $50ish things.

Make-Up Brushes

Perfume or Perfume

Hot Pink Headphones

A Couple New Spatulas

I could go on and on and on. (I devote a lot of time to spending imaginary money)

But. In all seriousness. If I had $50 burning a hole in my pocket, I would march myself straight to the spa/salon flip a coin, and either get a pedicure or a bikini wax. Seriously.


  1. I totally, totally want a bikini wax. I still can't find a good tech in town.

    Spatulas are such porny goodness.

    I"ve never been to Anthropologie. I think it would break me.

  2. If I had $50, I'd rent a movie, buy a case of cheap beer, and order a pizza.

    Then, once home, I'd fall asleep before watching the movie.

    That sounds like fun.

  3. Pedi....damn I want a spa day so freaking bad right now.

    Anthro...Oh Anthro. How I love thee.....just got two scarves from them. First order ever.

    It was better than....well, EVERYTHING ELSE IN LIFE.

  4. Pedicure! Why torture yourself with a wax if you only have $50. And I spend money in my head all the time. Sometimes I catalogue shop - but with fake money. Why? Hell if I know.

    As a matter of fact, I've never really seen that as too strange until I just typed it.!

  5. Hm $50? Mani/Pedi strike that. Pedicure, lunch and a bottle of wine. That sounds excellent.

  6. YES! A wax, that would be awesome!

  7. A pedicure is definately one of the things on my list too!

  8. a pedi sounds good right now!

  9. Silly me wants sex toys and kitchen items. Why didn't I think of a mani/pedi. Duh...

  10. Ok, so how funny is this...I just got $50 from my parents for my birthday and was going to save it for a spa treatment with my best friend since we talked about doing that when we last visited!

  11. I'll take you out for a pedi the next time I see you. Which will hopefully be sooner rather than later. Aaron and I spend endless, endless hours discussing the ways we'll spend out lottery cash. There's no limit to the possibilities!

  12. you have been tagged -

  13. Why does Anthro have to be so damn expensive? I have the pink buds, and I love them!

    $50? I'd go out to lunch with the best friend.

  14. I do the pedicures and waxing myself. With $50.00 I'd get in as many tanning sessions as I could. Flab looks better with a tan.

  15. With $50 I would be getting a pedicure right now but the $1k toward Anthropologie sounds like more fun.