17 April 2009

Friday on the internets

1. Gabriel, schooling me: "Mom if you're going to drink that juice, you need to hold the cup in both hands. If you just hold it in one, you might spill, and if you spill on the carpet, I will yell at you. That is a promise. I can't help it. So just make sure you don't spill Mommy okay? Both hands!" Gee I wonder where he's heard that before...

2. I'm drinking my (current) favorite cocktail: vanilla vodka and ginger ale. I'm using a pretty cup from Anthropologie, and I have heart shaped ice cubes. Happiness is in the little things.

3. The pink elephants part of Dumbo really IS creepy. And the crows are super racist black stereotypes. It's also my favorite Disney movie, whatever THAT says about me.

4. I've been inspired to throw a giant party.

5. I never understood why people loved Twitter so much. Then I started using TweetDeck. Now I get it.

6. Here's a picture of Gabriel dressed like a gay cowboy:

You should see the vest....


  1. TweetDeck is a life saver. I wouldn't have used Twitter without it.

  2. Did he get that idea from me?! That's a pretty sweet get up.

  3. Oh my. Could this picture be more adorable?

  4. Gabby is too adorable, and so right about the drinking juice direction.

  5. that's just as good as my son posing like a teenaged girl in bunny ears. I'll see if I can dig up a digital copy and email it to you.

    I love it!

  6. Gay cowboys are the BEST! They take care of their old Moms when they get all incontinent and shiz.

    I am stealing your drink.

    And I just ordered two overpriced scarves from Anthropologie. I think I love that store more than my husband. No, I don't mean think. I mean I DO.

  7. Oh yea, it is the little things that we (mothers) have to grasp. And Dumbo. I REFUSE to watch that damn movie because I cry too much. I mean an unatural, alarming type of cry. I can't stand for those bastards to make fun of that poor baby elephant over something he can't help. Then they drag his mother away. Blah blah blah. See, I could do a 20 minute rant on it. But I think you get the picture!

  8. vanilla vodka and ginger ale? Note to self, pick up vanilla vodka and try not to make Jack jealous.