02 April 2009

Etsy Easter Wishlist

We don't believe that Easter is....well what is Easter for again? Something about The Jesus coming back from the dead? Does he die on Good Friday and come back on Easter Sunday? I think that's right. Hang on a sec while I check Wikipedia.
Yes, that's the ticket. Okay.
So that's....not what I believe. But, being the good Americans that we are, my family still celebrates all of the Jesus holidays in our own non-Jesusy way. On Easter, we have an Easter Egg hunt, and we eat a lot, often within the confines of a party. And we usually cap off our celebrations with a viewing of Jesus Christ, Superstar (which, by the way, is where I derive all of my New Testament knowledge, and Andrew Lloyd Webber obviously had a good fact checker because I have written papers on religion with this as my sole point of reference and ALWAYS with the A's).


Easter baskets.

Some pretties I'm drooling over for Gabey's.

Happy Fun Finger Puppets, $25 from Nifty Kid Stuff.

Wool Felt Crown, $18 from dream child studio

Set of 6 miniature wool animals, $35 from asherjasper

Farmer Bunny Family in a Carrot, $40 from CR Stitchery.

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  1. Ha ha! "The Jesus"! And plus, we're right on: the Jesus Holidays are just copies of Existing Holidays, so what WE are is ORIGINAL CONTENT.