22 March 2009

Titles are for....people who can think of titles

Friday night after the wretched grocery store screaming, I let Gabriel take some pictures*, and! He is a budding photographic genius! He took this photo of the kitchen, and I'll be the first to admit that the main reason I like it is that it captures the two square feet of that space that aren't a slovenly mess:


He also took this picture of me, and yeah, that's what I turn into after a solid week of butting heads with Mr. Obstinate; a pouty puddle on my bedroom floor (channeling the spirit 13-year-old Miss Grace and her fiercely eyes):


To prove that I haven't locked the brat in a basement dungeon (yet), this is Gabriel marching through a field near our apartment yesterday morning, doing his best to demonstrate that even in his most trollish phases, he can still be pretty charming:


It also helps that he's curled up next to me napping right now, and he looks impossibly sweet when he's at rest. I think I'll keep him.

I took my car to the dealership today. Because I decided that what I really need in my life is a money hemorrhage.

*Yeah, I let Gabriel use my camera. I am insane.


  1. Great pic of Gabriel... in fact, I absolutely love the entirety of it.

    As for titles, that's the 'fun' part of my day, trying to figure out something to summarise the story that follows.

  2. He is gorgeous and yes, quite the budding photographer. When you stop hemorrhaging money, buy him a Flip video camera, he will do great things with that.

  3. Sleep is the universe's way of allowing us to go on another day, no matter how bad the day was, they look like angels at sleep and so we let them continue to be tyrants during the day.

  4. That's one cute kid and he takes better pictures than I do. :-)