20 March 2009

Productivity is relative

A list of things I didn't do when Gabriel was with my mom last night:

*tidy up

A list of things that I DID do:

*watch Weeds, season one.
*drink wine
*eat chocolate
*walk around my house with no pants on

Then my mom called me this morning to ask, "Has Gabriel been unusually difficult lately?" Why yes, yes he has. I didn't want to tell her that he's lately been throwing tantrums because I cannot bend the laws of space and time, because I was worried that she wouldn't host him for a sleepover. She told me she felt like his teachers were doing secret high fives behind her back when she picked him up early from school.

There was a point on Wednesday when I had to lock myself in my bathroom and Chill The Fuck Out For A Minute because I was THIS close to dumping a bowl of Cheerios on Gabriel's head. If I didn't have some uninterrupted Me Time stat, I was seriously going to lose it, because that child? Oh my god. Parents, listen to me now: THREE IS WORSE THAN TWO.

Today I'm feeling fresh as a spring daisy, ready to be Fun Mom for the weekend. I'm going to try very hard not to bang my head on a wall, wish me luck!


  1. three is so much worse than two! hang in there.

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  2. Yeah, terrible twos, exhausting threes... for SURE!

  3. Err, I'm really hoping that "THREE IS WORSE THAN TWO" only applies to boys.

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  4. My brother has a 3 year old girl... he's definitely been saying the same thing!

  5. Just wait for the "Fucking fours."

  6. My child was an angel his whole second year. Three? Three is a nightmare!! Five ain't much better, but three ;(

    Hang in there, and learn to ignore, ignore, ignore!

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  7. Three is worse than two??? Noooooo! (My son was always laid back and beautifully behaved until about 4.5.)

    And Molly gets this here Bozo Button for cracking me up with "The Fucking Fours."

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  8. Ah... it sounds like you did exactly the right list of things for yourself and for Gabey!! Glad that your mom is close enough to give you a night off!!

    Have a great weekend... looking forward to your Monday pics.

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  9. Oh I've found 3 is definitely worse the 2!! I hope your weekend is relaxing and "fun!"

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  10. On all accounts you sounded like you had very productive ME time...Have a good weekend and dont forget to Breathe...And Yes, 3's are way worse than 2's

  11. My friend once took her son to the doctor when he was 3 and asked what was wrong with him..the doctor told her don't worry when he turns 5 you will get your darling little boy back. Hope that helps for light at the end of the tunnel.

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  12. Weeds is an awesome show.

    Perhaps even better without pants on.

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  13. SOOOO much worse than 2!
    I can't tell you how many times I have put myself in timeout. Locked in the bathroom, crying in the fetal position, timeout!

  14. three is most certainly harder than two!

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  15. You are my long lost soulmate. I have a productive list and then do the same things you did with that time. Especially the no pants thing.