23 March 2009

Only interesting if you're interested in hair color, and you probably aren't??

I've been a redhead for about a year and a half now, and while I wouldn't think my hair color would have that much of an effect on my life, I have some thoughts. You are interested in my thoughts!

People (well, men in particular) seem to either have a thing for redheads, or be totally repulsed by redheads. I haven't found much neutrality. It's strange because I'm pretty sure the feelings about blondes and brunettes don't run that strong. Although maybe I'm wrong? Please, elucidate me.

Yeah, wow, I actually do get approached by different people/treated differently/have different expectations of my personality. Which is totally weird, because promise promise, I'm the same fucking person. As a blonde, the idiot things that I said were constantly pointed out like dumb blonde airhead much? What's with the giggle? As a redhead, the bitchy sarcasm gets noticed in a weird, wow she's sassy! way.
And yeah, I'm a bitch. Also? I have my blonde moments.

When the super skeevy guys say something like, "Oh damn I LOVE your hair," I've GOTTA tell them that I dye it. And then? They argue...because I would lie?
Check it out. I came into this world with blonde hair and freakishly pale skin. My Irish/Scottish/Welsh/English heritage goes equally well with the red hair.


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  1. he he he ... I color my hair, and I make SURE the drapes match the carpet. I don't have to 'tell' that way. *snickers*

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  2. I'm a man so it's ok when my hair goes all salt and pepper.

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  3. I dunno about anything else, but I am a sucker for a brunette.

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  4. I think there is something alluring about redheads. Being a brunette, I don't know if there is that draw. I love your hair.

  5. That's interesting. I've always wanted to go blond for a few months... We'll see. :)

  6. I'll admit I'm usually unnerved by extremely red- or blond-haired people, when even their eyelashes are not brown or black. It just throws me somehow.

    This never applies to unnatural redheads/blondes, and doesn't always apply to natural ones.

    Overall, though, I'm an equal-opportunity admirer of all the world's ladies. (Make sure when you read this, you say "ladies" something like this: "laaaadiees".)