02 March 2009

Monday, but at least it's a short week

I managed some woefully boring productivity this weekend. I washed my bras, which is most likely my least favorite type of laundry to do. No matter what path I take, I always feel like I'm doing it wrong. And they never fit as well once they've been washed. I dunno. How/how often do you wash your bras? Is there a magical formula that will change my life and make this less heinous? I feel like they're still dingy after hand-washing, but even in those special lingerie bags the washing machine beats them up too much.
My car smells like some sort of rotting vegetable matter, which was enough incentive to finally clean it out. Except it's clean now, and smells just the same, which in a way is more troubling. At least before I could imagine a good explanation buried under discarded sweatshirts and empty bags of chips.
I went to Costco, and ZOMG HAVE NOT BEEN FOREVER. My last job provided us with a Costco membership and (yeah yeah it's only $40) I just haven't managed to get my ass in gear to get my own card. Anyhow, a side effect of never going is that I felt like this was my One Trip in a Lifetime, and I did not manage to leave the building without first significantly raping my checking account.

I'm leaving for Boston, um, Thursday? That does not seem like real life. I keep absent-mindedly forgetting that I'm even going at all, and then Whoops! I'll be there in less than a week!
And hey? East Coast? I hear it's fracking cold over there! It was sort of misty/rainy all weekend, but in a pleasant 55 degrees sort of way. I always find myself woefully unprepared for making these massive climate jumps.
I've also been having increasing anxiety re: flying, which, yeah I know, more likely to die in a car blah blah blah. But you know what THIS taught me? That planes really do fucking suck. I mean if one can honestly be brought down by a goose? We have some problems. The good news is they make drugs for just this sort of adventure, and I shan't be boarding without a Xanax firmly in hand.

Gabriel will ideally be spending the weekend with his father. We have plans to meet on the way to the airport, which is causing some low-grade panic (likely to increase as the week goes on). What if he doesn't show for some reason and I'm halfway to the AIRPORT with our son? In reality, although he tortures me aplenty, he hasn't been a no show for anything in over a year. Also I'm not actually out to make his life as shitty as possible, so I wouldn't really feel like it was fair to leave Gabey at my mom's and have the exchange happen there, in my absence. Besides, I have my poor mother to think of. I dunno. Like I say, the panic is, as of yet, low-grade.


  1. You are going to have a blast in Boston (not that I've been but just that it will be so new an different). And be soooo thankful it isn't this weekend. The flights, etc are all messed up!

  2. I have exactly the same problem when I go to Sam's club. I spend a veritable fortune on stuff. Half of which I actually ever use. Such a rip off for a newbie like me.

  3. I don't think planes are so bad. Think of the tons and tons of them that take off and land EVERY DAY. I think they do pretty well. You'll be fine!

    If you were going in two weeks we would actually be passing in the sky!

  4. Bras. Hmmm. I buy cheap ones, throw them in the wash and toss them when they don't fit right anymore. I refuse to hand wash unless absolutely necessary -- and I pretty much find nothing is ever really absolutely necessary.

    As for the flight -- it'll be great. I just flew out to Baltimore in late January and my flights were fine. I didn't even have the option of a Xanax and I made it. LOL

  5. I wash and dry mine right in the machines. However, mine are very heavy duty. No lace or frills or padding. Sometimes the underwires end up poking out, but I can usually fix them. Now, my daughter's bras are a different story. Her's have like a foamy lining between layers, and do get mangled. She prefers them washed on gentle cycle, and then air dried. She said that causes the least amount of "shifting" of the padding, etc.

  6. Target is where I do my damage! Yes, dear, it's extremely cold here. Not the best time to visit. Bring me a Xanax, k?

  7. I machine wash my bras (cold) and then air dry them- but, only, like, once every 6 months.

    Luckily, I don't sweat too much, or, at least, not stinkily.

    I'm going to DC on Sunday! I'm a little pissed, cause the whole point of my trip is to experience DC in spring... which it is decidedly NOT right now.