03 March 2009

A lesson in high school self-esteem

A friend of mine uploaded this picture onto Facebook, and I so vividly remember it; I simply must share.

Junior Year in High School

This was taken my junior year in high school at the winter dance (10 years ago). I made that dress at home. By myself. I'm positive that I no longer have those skillz. I'm wearing character shoes (we were all very into swing dancing at the time). In fact, I think I still own those shoes. Is that possible?

I remember how much I hated my hair. I used to have very curly hair, which I hated, but seriously? It was like, perfect ringlets. WTF. This was a failed attempt (by Mira) to straighten it, which lasted all of 40 minutes before it degraded into an early 90s frizz.
I was also fairly convinced that I had horrible saggy boobs so I was super self-conscious the whole night because I wasn't wearing a bra. No bra! I'm sure fellow mothers can appreciate this miracle because THAT IS SO NOT EVEN A CHOICE TODAY.

Anyhow, I really wish that when I was 16 I knew the following:
  • Curly blonde hair is desirable.
  • If you wear size 4 pants, you're not fat.
  • You're really fucking cute.
  • Don't DON'T REALLY DON'T wish that you had bigger boobs. This wish will come true, and (aside from their useful function as Wobbly Bit Distractors) they're quite obnoxious and in-the-way.


  1. I can't believe you still have those shoes... upteen moves later, I am lucky to have the few things I have from times past

  2. Dear lord, you guys look so young! I don't think I ever looked that young. Very cute all the way around, and I can't believe you made such a kickass dress. You need to recall those skillz and make yourself some sassy things ;)

  3. Swing dancing was awesome back then, wasn't it?

  4. How come my wish for big boobs never came true? Maybe it has something to do with never being able to wear size 4 pants either?

    Wait - that is backwards. SHENANIGANS!

  5. I know... if only we realized how cute we really were!

  6. You look so hot in that outfit. I'm digging the shoes. Gosh if i had worn size 4 pants ever, I would never thing I'm fat. EVER.

  7. iunno, i think im cuter now than i was in highschool.

    though, i nevr wore a size 4- ive been pretty much a 9 all my adult life.

  8. LOVE your insight!