16 March 2009

Just really quick

So I switched commenting formats (AGAIN) because readers (including me! I couldn't comment on my own posts!) were having trouble commenting with Blogger's embedded format when using Firefox.

But is this one just....too annoying? Can you comment now? Should I switch back? Please let me know in the comments here, OR email me grace at missdisgrace dot com.


  1. Hmm. I'm a Firefox user and I've never had a problem commenting on your blog, in any of the formats. Via Mac or PC (I have one of each). So I'm not sure the problem is Firefox.

    This comment box is majorly annoying. Another website I go to uses this format and I've never been a fan.

  2. Yes. It is annoying. But I could comment on my blog in Safari and IE but only not Firefox! And I heard that from a couple other readers too. So.

    But I agree, this one is irritating. I dunno.

  3. I don't think this one is that bad.

  4. This seems to work fine...

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  5. weird that I can't post with my google id but after the first comment it was easy -- using mozilla firefox on a pc

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  6. It is fine now that I have it all synced up with Facebook. But when I originally saw it I thought it was a pain in the ass. My two pence.

  7. I guess it allows for these multi-thread conversations, which is a plus if you want to encourage dialogue. Maybe I should just get used to it, if the other format was preventing comments. <shrug>.

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  8. I love it but I also like to change things up.....often.

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  9. (Now I'm trying it logged in through FB)

    It's weird that it doesn't say how many comments before you click over though, no?

    And minus is that I can't reply to comment from my email.

  10. Hmmm...

    I'm not sure yet. It looks good, but I hope I don't have to type in the URL and e-mail every time. I was having a lot of problems with your last setup, and I've had the same problem on quite a few Blogger sites lately. Now after I hit "submit," I guess I'll know. Here goes...

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  11. I'm okay with this one as long as you like it. For "recent blog post" though it says it can't find my feed. That's odd.

  12. it's fine - and I use firefox - never had a problem - anything is good. 8-)

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  13. hey ... I haven't had a problem commenting. But this seems to work fine.

    bright blessings!

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  14. It's weird, but I guess I can get used to it. It tells me something at the bottom about the site not matching the member id. Don't know if that's me or you. I can still comment though, so no biggy.

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  15. I dunno... I kinda like the old, boring Blogger way better.

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  16. Provided this still saves my information and I don't have to retype it every time, I'm fine with it. Both formats are okay by me.

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  17. I liked the old way better...just saying

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