31 March 2009

It's funny cuz it's true

I had a very successful weekend.
I went out.
I danced.
I had fun.
I was asleep before the sun came up on both Friday AND Saturday.
I made an uber-classy choice to go the 14-year-old-drinking-by-the-train-tracks route of a Gatorade bottle half full of vodka.
But I was at a show. In the parking lot of a taqueria? Can we even call that a show? I mean.....what choices did I really have?
I inexplicably decided to do a full set of reps with a 100lb barbell. Well. Inexplicable is not strictly accurate. I did it cuz Stella wanted me to prove my freakish strength to her and I'm a sucker for peer pressure. I spent all yesterday trying to figure out OMG why am I so very VERY sore? My arms! They hurt!
My phone was either stolen, or found by someone who knew it was mine and didn't give it back to me and used it all weekend. To me that equals stolen, to other people apparently not so much. City of Chico: If you see some DUDE with a hot pink phone? It's mine.
Stella got $30 stolen out of her purse, and our friend James got $300 stolen out of his room, which is why I'm not really that pissed about my phone. Comparitively, it's no big deal.
I napped.
I met the (extremely adorable) girl version of Gabriel, one Miss Neveah. She's just his size, and she acts just like him, and I think they look alike, although others seem to think the fact that she's a little Mexican girl with brown eyes and long black hair negates that possibility. But they do! They look alike! Look at their cheeks!
Some dude intentionally spilled a beer on my friend Eden, because she didn't want to fuck his brother-in-law. She just about punched him the face.
Stella went out with one pant leg rolled up.
We met a guy who had never heard of L.L. Cool J. And then I realized that I'm getting kinda old. Does anyone else still think he's hot? Because I totally have not gotten over that Jr. High crush of mine.

So. I know my weekend recap's a day late and a dollar short, but how was yours?


  1. This post makes me sad. I sat home and vegged in from to of the tv. God you make me feel old. I'm trying to steal my friend Nate's "Sleeps well with others" shirt.

  2. You cannot simultaneously be "kinda old" and still be drinking vodka out of a gatorade bottle in the parking lot outside a tacqueria. So either transfer your crush to Lil' Wayne or refine your palate and choice of venue.

    Or not. Because then the blog would be far less entertaining.

  3. LL Cool J has ALWAYS done it for me. His arms...I would love to chew on those fuckers!

    Sorry, I'm a bit fiesty today. But yes, he is HOT. He looks as good today as he did when he showed up on the scene. And I MY DEAR....was a fan when that happened. So who feels old now!

  4. I love LL Cool J- one of the sexiest songs ever: I Need Love

  5. Funny my boys think I made him up. They only like Fresh Prince because they watch him on Nick at Nite. I like him but what I like even more is that he came from a horribly abusive family and made so much with his life. I LOVED his sit com he had, can't recall the name of it. Last time I saw him was with Queen Latifah in the Last Holiday.

  6. Love the Gatorade bottle touch. Adds a certain class to the affair.

  7. Sounds like a very productive and fun weekend.....and yes kind of like one you might have had while 17 in Santa Cruz, gatorade bottle before the show? :)

  8. You seriously met a guy who never heard of LL Cool J? Momma says knock him out.

  9. LL Cool J is uber hot when he's licking his lips. When he's eaten by a shark? Not so much. I'm just impressed you remember all the details of your weekend. Gatorade to LL Cool J. It doesn't get better than that.

  10. I love LL, but not in that way. You though, very sexy with the weights.

  11. ummm... LL Cool J is totally hot....

  12. What is not classy about Gatorade?

  13. L.L. Cool who??? Just kidding. Glad you had a great weekend.

  14. I used to work with a girl who named her son Nevaeh. She used to wear belly shirts so we could all look at her muffin top.

  15. I still think LL is hot. Then again, I am old!