30 March 2009

In unrelated news, I love you forever Molly

So I spent all weekend thinking that Sunday was the 30th. And it's....today. Which is good! Because it means I get to write this post.

Molly is one of my favorite people....on earth.

She's one of the only people in the entire world who I would tell anything. She tolerates my insanity and she lets me embarrass her, and she always ALWAYS knows the perfect thing to say, because she knows me so well.

Sometimes we don't talk for months, and then one of us picks up the phone and it's like we just spoke that morning. I can talk to her for two minutes because I need to tell her about the homeless guy I just saw who offered to sell me his shopping cart, or I can talk to her for seven hours about everything under the sun.

I wish she lived closer to me. Right now I think it's a pretty fabulous year if we manage to see each other twice.

I miss her like crazy. I love her like family.

Happy birthday honeyface.




Congratulations on a job well done.

Molly my lovey

The Harrars


  1. Thank god for my raspberry dress, or else I think you would choose pictures of me based purely on their embarassment potential! I love you too- and I really love how easy our friendship has always been. You're a great friend miss grace.

  2. Love the pics, that last one definitely look like a Molly "drunk jaw" :)

  3. You always have the best words Miss Jenny :)

  4. I love the first picture of her singing in the car... She sounds like a great friend... those are priceless! Happy birthday to her!

  5. Happy Birthday Molly :) Don't cha just love an easy friendship?

  6. Who licks her ears now if you two live so far apart? Just askin'.

  7. These pictures make me want to call my old best friends and talk for a million hours.

    Happy Birthday Molly!!