25 March 2009

I loves me some bullet points

*For the first time, possibly in internet history, I correctly diagnosed my son with Dr. Google. The next day when the doctor told me it was "text book Roseola," I gave myself a little mental high five. Seriously? When do you EVER get it right with the medical advice of the interwebs? Gabriel is fine, by the way, just rashy and annoying. I'm thinking hoping he can go back to school tomorrow. In the meantime, sleeping in has been nice?

*Speaking of Never Sleeping Again, next week hails the next in my series of luckily-the-money's-nice blocks of mandatory overtime. I likely won't be around much in blogiverse next week.

*I have Friday off, so I'm heading up to Chico, where I never get into trouble. Heh. I'll let you know how that goes. And since I'm staying with my personal stylist one of my best friends, I'm sure to get a cut and color update. I'm open to thoughts and suggestions.

*At my mother's loving request and financial sponsorship, I took my car to the dealership. It was SOMETHING SOMETHING THROTTLE SOMETHING ALIGNMENT MAYBE, and now it's fixed! Huzzah!

*As per I've mentioned before, I'm going to BlogHer in July. Does anyone want to split a hotel room with me? I've reserved one with two double beds which I honestly cannot afford. I'm fun!

*It's ten o'clock on a Wednesday and I'm not wearing pants. I should remedy that...


  1. LOL.... I love your last bullet point... made me laugh!

  2. Roseola was living hell for me. MIsch had it one of the times we moved so we didn't notice how lethargic she was for 2 days. By the time we did her fever was 105. We took her to the after hours clinic and they couldnt' figure it out. Then the crying started. And she cried for 2 days (which was rare for her). By the time I took her to the ER she was dehydrated (stopped eating and drinking - just crying) and they had to keep her for the day on IV. IT WAS HORRIBLE.

    When Coco had it, well honestly she cried so much anyway we didn't notice it. So until the red rash came up we didn't know.

    Even at the mention of Roseola, I shutter!

  3. I love bullet points :) Very to the point.

    I'm the same way with pants...but with bras ;)

    WISH I could share a room with you, but BlogHer up and sold out all of their fah-reeking tickets. Humph!

  4. It's 8:45 on a Wednesday and I'm not wearing pants either. Can't wait to have fun with you this summer.

  5. We never experienced the Roseola. We stopped at fifth's disease ;) Hope he's feeling better!

  6. Hey! I have three people. Want to split it four ways?

  7. I never wear pants when I'm at home and in front of the tv and computer. Which is pretty much always!

    In that state, I do have to rush in front of the back door which is uncovered and my panty clad bum is visible to all the world. Okay ... well 2 houses ... but still.

    I do the dishes that way too. Why put on pants just to do the dishes, right? Stoopid!

    Enjoy BlogHer sounds like you'll have a blast. I'm sure we'll get fine and terrific stories from your chico trip as well and hilarious recaps of the rousing success of mandatory overtime. I love that shit!

    bright blessings!

  8. I can't resist giving advice on hairstyles. I think you should go darker with your color - like dark chocolate, or a dark auburn - but keep the length! Just use a semi permanent hair color so your not committed to it - it will just fade out slowly over 6 weeks or so.