12 March 2009

Fingerless Gloves

Yesterday, yknow, one week before Spring will get sprung, it got all frosty cold here. My iPod Touch is a critical component of my ability to Ignore Everyone Including Coworkers without being openly hostile. My iPod no worky if my fingers are protected from frost. Had it been a one day thing, I probably would have forgotten about this task, but I was COLD AGAIN TODAY, so I'm on the hunt.

Originally I thought I wanted the kind of fingerless mittens that have the button over flap thingy, but those frankly are NOT as cute as the kind that are just fingerless hobo gloves.

These ones are made out of sweatshirt material, and come as a set with an equally adorable scarflette for $32 from Freeflight Clothing.

These sweet cream ones are the ones that I'm leaning towards probably most likely getting at the moment, because they're color-neutral. And ruffle! $36 from secondseed.

But OMG these? How cute are these? TINY BUTTONS! $30 from uloni.

I love the embroidered flowers on these so I had to include them, although they're honestly meant for someone else because that's not quite my color. $42 from secondseed.


  1. This is just the info I was looking for ;)

  2. OH! I own some of these, like little wrist cuffs that cover part of your fingers but leave enough free to actually do what digits are intended for. Stuff, ya know? I should see if I can rustle up a pair here at my mom's shop...they are recycled cashmere, but she hasn't carried them in a while.

  3. Well done, i love all the gloves, looks beautiful and also really stylish!