12 March 2009

Cody My Love

Met Cody the VERY FIRST DAY I moved into the UCSB dorms. He was still in the "OMG I DON'T LIVE WITH MY PARENTS I CAN BE OPENLY GAY" phase of running away to college, and I believe he was wearing a tight mesh t-shirt under overalls.

Checking the package

Once, I got off work at 3am, went over to Cody's house, and drank a case of 40s with Cody, Ben and Paris. At some point we started doing headstands.


He was my date to my cousin Jasmine's wedding in Genoa, Nevada. Our room key inexplicably opened all of the doors in the hotel. It took us eleventy seven hours to make the 8 hour drive. Cody violated a covered wagon. We spent something like 10 hours watching episodes of Trading Spaces and drinking beer in our room. Best. Road trip. Ever.

I missed him when he went to Japan. I miss him now that he's in New York. He's pretty much one of the greatest people ever.

Union Square

Happy birthday Sugar.


  1. awww you guys are so sweet together! i can just see the best friendship vibe in your smiles :)

  2. i love the giant box of jello on the table in the first picture

  3. Yeah, I was going to ask about the Jello and Saran Wrap. Makings for a good time, maybe?

  4. Oh GRACE - it reminds me of two guys I ment when I lived in NOLA. They were totally not into girls but they were my best friends, not to mention the greatest looking guys I have ever met! I loved that they have a GREAT sense of fashion, they were serious eye candy, I could be the envy of every girl when I was with them AND they loved having fun, cleaning and organizing! I miss them so . .. every girl should have great looking gay guy friend!

  5. Happy Bday! I am very VERY certain I commented on this photo on FB. Wondering why (still.....) there was cling wrap and such on the table in front of him.... hum....

  6. Hey GG, not only a big ole roll of cling wrap but a box of JELLO as well . . . a serious hmmm!

    Grace - is that x-mas tree on Rockfeller Square?? That is DEFINATELY on my bucket list!

  7. Shit, nevermind the saran wrap or the jello. Look at that SWEATER. And you have claims to be stylish.

  8. Um...I'm wearing a bird costume not a sweater.

    And, it was Halloween! We can't be responsible for what was on our coffee table!