18 March 2009

CD Exchange, 2009 Edition

This year I'm up for April for my "real-life" CD Exchange. Last September, I so very much enjoyed extending my month to the online-iverse. So I'm doing it again!

How it will work:

1. Email me (grace at missdisgrace dot com) subject line CD Exchange indicating your interest. Please include a mailing address.
2. When I mail out my April CD's, I'll pop one in the mail for you as well.
3. Before April is over, return the favor, and send me CD of your genius creation.
5. We will all rock out in our respective locales.

Hard copy only please; I had some trouble last time around with emailing music back and forth.

Please email me no later than Sunday, March 29th.

LilSass, if you wanna try to play again, I'll send you a copy of last September's CD too, since I'm pretty sure that didn't work out for either one of us?


  1. Why Mom Drinks RumMarch 19, 2009 at 9:38 AM

    That schmegs of effort...but cool idea!
    I swear, if Itunes doesn't make Puscifer 'The Mission' available soon I will be forced to STEAL IT! Argh.
    'Sniff'....I have to say I am SO jealous you get to go to blogher. Stupid Canada being so far away.

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  2. It's TOTALLY REWARDING effort! Do it!

    Recent blog post: CD Exchange, 2009 Edition

  3. You do know that I have questionable music taste right?

  4. I've seen your blips :)

    Recent blog post: CD Exchange, 2009 Edition

  5. I totally suck at making CD's, but I'll give it a try.

  6. Um, apparently I suck at leaving comments, too! Is there a way I don't have to type in all my info every time I try to comment?

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  7. I dunno, I don't. I have no answers. Email me your address :)

    Recent blog post: CD Exchange, 2009 Edition

  8. Hmmm my mix CD’s have not been all that great lately. I’m a huge fan of the band “Better Left Unsaid” (think very heavy metal), Nikolas has become a fan of the Banjo (don’t ask…I swear he is not mine), and Caleb loves Boogers (think kids version of the Ramones). So my mix CD’s are truly bi-polar at the moment.


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