23 March 2009

Adorable dresses for little girls

Today is the 2nd birthday of my darling cousin Camille! She is the only little girl in my entire family, which means she's the only available outlet for my obsession with adorable little girl clothes.

This polka dot dress from The Children's Place is on sale for $14.62 (reg. $19.50). Available in snap pea, julep, and girlie. I have a dress that looks an awfully lot like this. It's still cute in grownup sizes right??

This floral-print is super-cute, and it's made out of jersey knit, so I think it's probably super comfy too. Comes in blue or pink for just $14.50 from Old Navy.

I LOVE THIS! Couldn't you just die? I'd really like this in a cross-over wrap shirt for me, but a sweet little toddler dress will do I suppose. Available in field goal green or frosted berry, $24.50 from The Gap.

And the perfect party dress! Camille would look just like a present, or a bunch of balloons, or something else equally delightful. Watercolor Dot Dress is $20 from Gymboree (Spring Break Deal, normally $29.75).

1 comment:

  1. Those dresses are adorable! Little girls are definitely fun to shop for :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for the party! It is nice to meet you!

    Enjoy the rest of the party! :-)