27 February 2009

When the ADHD gets too strong for me

I've written three posts separate posts this morning that have each ended up in the Save As Draft Rubbish Bin:
Gabriel! Still not eating! Me! Freaking right the fuck out! Dear lord what is wrong with this stubborn little child?
Some guy semi-accused me of stealing his iPod Touch last weekend and, um, hello?? Never minding the different music and the pictures and video of my kid: MINE HAS MY NAME ENGRAVED ON IT BITCHES. I didn't do that while you were in the bathroom.
Boston? The hell? When/why/with whom OHMYGOD SO EXCITED.


  1. He will eat when he is ready... do you give him vitamins? Will he eat those... you know the gummy ones taht taste like candy?

  2. You? Are you coming to Boston? 'Cause I'd totally try to get down to Boston if I knew when you'd be coming. You know, to give you that hug I'm always offering.

  3. I'm a big drafter, too. Sometimes I get so sick of reading about me!

    Hey, get that geek to meet up for lunch!

  4. Oh dear. How old is Gabriel? My oldest is a non-eater, and skinny as a rail. People always said he'll eat when he's hungry, but that's not true. A lot of kids won't eat no matter how hungry they are. Lots of reasons - reflux, constipation or other bowel issues, food and oral aversions. If you think one of those things might be a culprit, you may need to see a pediatrician or specialist. Or is it that you can't find anything he WANTS to eat? Will he drink? Try "treat-like" things such as real-fruit frozen bars, milkshakes, etc. I know they aren't the best choices, but at least he'll be getting some calories, right? Good luck with it!

  5. Gosh he's not eating? Is he just too picky? Does he want to starve?