13 February 2009

Thoughts for the week

*Holding your trash and your keys in the same hand is a mistake. And if, as you're opening your dumpster, you think, "Gee, it would be awfully stupid if I accidentally threw my keys away," DON'T DO IT! Please. Don't do it. Because guess what? Climbing into a dumpster is a lot harder than you might expect. You're balanced all weird on the edge of it with your legs flailing in the air. And then getting out you're paranoid that you're accidentally going to kick the back of it and have the lid come smashing down on top of you. Mistake.

*If you go 40ish hours without sleep, be prepared to spend the week utterly exhausted.

*One nice thing about driving a stick shift is that if your spedometer breaks, you can still maintain a rough idea of how fast you're driving.

*If you think that no one is available to drink pink boxed wine with you, you're just not asking the right people.

Over on Disgraced Shopping, I'm talking about sex. With myself! Yay! Because I'm still not having sex with anyone else. Suck.


  1. Ha... thanks for the tips... I will keep them in mind...

  2. I was wondering about the keys in the dumpster thing.....

  3. Dumpster diving...no thanks. That's what the spare set of keys is for.

  4. I'm pretty much always available for some type of wine, pink box, white box, bottle, red, white, freaking St Paddy's day green ... WHATEVAH!!!

    Have a happy day, erm tomorrow, because today's getting close to being over! :)

  5. I don't care what colour your wine is if you want to share.