02 February 2009


I don't really have any Superbowl thoughts. I watched, it ended up being a surprisingly good game, but I don't really give a shit about either team, so I wasn't particularly invested. I actually spent most of the game playing Scrabble with my sister and hassling Daniel about his science fair project. I don't know WHAT he would do without two bossy older sisters to hassle him daily.

I AM sad that I missed The Office though. Gabriel was falling apart and needed to go to bed stat.

I've been sick for long enough at this point that I'm starting to admit that it has more to do with my mind fucking up my body than my body doing anything at all. Be that as it may, my left eardrum feels just about ready to rupture, and I feel the familiar itch of strep throat coming on.



  1. you have bee sick FOREVER! and you don't even taste salty. Get to the bottom of it. Try some weird old home remedies just to mix it up. Gargle hot salt water at night to kill that itch. Good luck

  2. The gargling salt water is a good idea. Disgusting, but good. Kick that thing already.

    PS. I loved your comment. The priest with the stabbing tattoo? I see a movie in that.

  3. I'm going to post some strange honey and cinnamon cures tomorrow, maybe one of them will help.

    Keep a lookout!!!

  4. I missed the second half of The Office, but since the first half was so amusing, I might just stomach whatever ads they'll force me to watch in the first half online so I can find out what else happened.

    I hate that foreboding itch in the throat, but more often than not, at least for me, it doesn't go much farther beyond that.

    Just make sure to keep licking yourself!

  5. I'm thinking my "Dog Flu" is actually strep, too. I feel your pain, my friend. Gargling with the hot water and salt helped a little, but I'm feeling like I got run over by the entire Steelers' team.

    Feel better, girl!