12 February 2009

On the plus side, I'm typing REALLY fast right now

Oh hai, I'M DRINKING COFFEE! Would you care to join me while I reorganize my post-its?

Here's some things I'm really good at:

*Obsessing. Particularly if I know in my Thinking Brain that this will do not one whit of good. I'm not getting enough sleep? Let me OBSESS about the fact that I'm not getting enough sleep. I know! I'll think about it INSTEAD OF SLEEPING. Genius.

*Compulsive behavior. Let me check my account balance one more time. Okay once more. It's been five minutes, I'll look one more time. Okay, I better check again. NOTHING TO SEE HERE I'M NOT CHECKING MY ACCOUNT BALANCE FOR THE 27TH TIME THIS HOUR. Don't tell me that nothing will have changed because it DOES NOT MATTER.

Oh, and what else? Let's see, this morning we were getting in the car, and I had the following conversation with Gabriel:

"Mom! What was that noise?"

"What noise?"

"Well, I listened, and it sounded like noise, and I could here it in my ears. What was it?"



  1. Mmm. Coffee. I've been munching on bacon and slurping down black coffee all morning, so I'm browsing the internet really fast.

  2. ok i am here with my coffee but that sound in my head keeps distracting me.....


  3. he could probably hear you obsessing.

  4. haha! Very cute. Boys and there questions....

  5. Yeah, I think way too much. It's not great for your sanity!

  6. i heard the noise too and i got nothing more for you than gabey

  7. I hope this isn't too forward...but I love you grace:-)

  8. Well hell's bells ... I hate it when noise gets stuck in my ears. :)

  9. Yeah I don't drink coffee. Never have. I've tried but never gave in. Alcohol is more my speed.

  10. It's always better to stay awake and think about things. That means less time being asleep and grinding your teeth. Sleep loss is better than large dental bills.

  11. Oh god, I hear those kind of "helpful clarifications" all day long. The best response is a blank expression followed by speechless incredulity, so they learn to develop their descriptive skills.

    Then, of course, you laugh privately later and mention it on your blog.

  12. Oh, and as for the rest of the post, you and me both, sister. On both counts. You and me both.

    For instance, I've started staying up way too late again, which I spend the day regretting and talking a lot about, before doing it again that night.

    If I actually went to bed, I'd fall right asleep, but back when I used to get more sleep, I would totally lay there awake thinking about needing to sleep. For hours.

  13. We have the "What's that noise?" conversation too.


    Best answer? "I don't know, sweetheart. What do YOU think it is?".

    That's wehn my inner self punches the sky, all "Ah HA. take THAT, Short Person!".

    For I AM Mothering At Its Finest. Yeah.