18 February 2009

Not late yet

*Yesterday, I woke up an hour late because the power had done something MAGICAL in the night, and my alarm clock was flashing 12am at me when my mom called at seven. I need to leave my house by 7:10 to get Gabriel to school and myself to work on time (I start at 8). Somehow I sat down at my desk at 7:50. I have no answers.

*Today Gabriel woke up at about a quarter to 6 all whiny whiny fuss fuss I just want to snuggle. I need that time to get myself ready, lunches made, coffee, etc., so I was convinced the entire time that I was running late. Gabriel said his ear was hurting, and frankly I think he was faking it because he wanted to stay home. We left the house at 7:15. We stopped at Long's for some Motrin which I gave to the boy before dropping him off, on the off chance he's not faking. Yeah, I'm an all-star parent. But a girl's gotta get paid. I sat down at my desk at 7:55.

Whoever's decided to bend the laws of time and space for me, know that I'm truly appreciative.


  1. Hell Yeah, that is a super power... totally jealous!

  2. Funny, but the magic seems to work the opposite way for me. Mine's more like voodoo!

  3. you are a magic woman. i am always five minutes late to work.

  4. You are a superhero. Power company threw you for a loop and you conquered over evil. Go you.