11 February 2009

I don't know what you're searching for!

Searches that landed at my blog, January 2009 edition:

vagina fruit

"anne rice" menstruation vampires

"up to my ankles in mud"

bitches who wear heavy makeup

black face karaoke bar

freud take a day off you weirdo

lilo and stitch naked pictures of just lilo

strange thing to hear in the bedroom

I may need to rethink some of my subject matter...


  1. How did you find that out?

    I'm a bit scared to find out what mine will come up with....I'm guessing alot of 'fucks' and 'whale-whore'.

  2. Vagina fruit?

    What the heck is that supposed to even mean?

  3. Naked pictures of Lilo, really? F-Tards.

  4. naked pictures of lilo= :( they need to find that searcher and rrest em.

    vagina fruit! cool.

  5. I've recently logged into analytics, i haven't gotten much out of it yet, but it should be interesting going forward. :)

  6. I am testing something to see if I can actually comment.

  7. SWEET JESUS! It worked!

  8. To answer the person who asked, the "vagina fruit" is called a durian. I do not intend to eat one.

    I love how the stupidest, scariest searches are almost always written out in stream of consciousness (e.g. the Lilo search). It at least makes the scary/sleazy/stupid funnier.

  9. I like the Anne Rice one the best.