10 February 2009

How is Valentine's Day ruining my life this year?

*I think I'm supposed to suck it up and buy Valentines for Gabriel to take to school this year and I don't WANNA. Seriously? It's a waste of money for a bunch of commercialized crap. I mean, if I had the time or the inclination to do homemade Valentines? Different story. But I don't.

*I have Monday off, and I love going out on Saturdays when I have Monday off cuz then if I'm grouchy/hungover on Sunday, it doesn't waste the whole weekend. However. All of my friends are either married or virtually so, and Saturday's Valentine's Day, so....that sucks. Sorta.

Okay really that's all I got.

Oh wait!

*My dad still gets me a See's Candy heart full 'o' deliciousness every Valentine's Day, and I'm gonna have a hard time not eating it all in one sitting, and then I'll have a tummy ache.

*Also, I have no one to drink pink box wine with me.


  1. A box of wine. Nice. The best things come from boxes....brownie mixes, hamburger helper and wine.

  2. I'd drink a box o wine with ya ... but I'll be working on Saturday. =(

  3. no one?! I can't believe it...

    I offered to give one of my married friends a date night... so my valentine's date will be a lovely 2 1/2 year old who will want to watch disney dvds and probably fall asleep early

  4. oh honey if you were only up with me....Myguy is working and cava is pink and sparkling and wonderful....I always end up buying valentines for the grrrlz to bring to school and kinda resenting the whole selling out of another wannabe holiday

  5. I couldn't get over the extremes some ....well all ofthe mothers except me .....went to this year with the valentines. I have a almost 2 and almost 4 year old and these people are freaking me out. Like they are all trying to out do each other. All my kid's classmates simply got a folded over "from....so-in-so" card. You know, in the boxes from the dollar store. They were doing real cards with gourmet suckers and shit like that. CRAZY. Guess I failed again....

  6. Dude if I was there, we would be drinking pink wine together. This V-Day has me extra down. Time to drink for one again.

  7. I'll drink some box wine, but only after I'm drunk off of Rum and Coke.

  8. I cured the whole valentine's school crap by deciding to keep my son out of school and take off for the weekend. After ten e-mails looking for me to volunteer to make shit for the class party, I just decided to call him in sick.

    I'd drink boxed wine with you if I could make it into sangria. Cannot drink that stuff straight out the box!

  9. I love love love wine in a box! A friend of mine and I drank the whole box one night a few years ago. Oh those were the days...


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