05 February 2009


Easy aspects of Gabriel:
  • He speaks clearly and fluently.
  • He's fully potty trained.
  • He's intelligent.
  • He can be reasoned/bargained with.
  • He has a fairly keen grasp of punishments and rewards.
  • He naps.
  • He naps in unfamiliar settings.
  • He can be distracted with the television.
  • He can play for long periods of time by himself.
  • He's careful, and is unlikely to make a huge mess, break things, or hurt himself.
Difficult aspects of Gabriel:
  • He lacks the desire or inclination to ever eat anything at all, a necessary component of STAYING ALIVE.
  • He's a whiner.
  • He's extremely picky.
  • He has a lasting memory. If he falls asleep wanting something, he wakes up with the exact same agenda the next day.
  • You have to fight with him to get him to eat.
  • He has no problem throwing balls out, kicking, screaming, awful tantrums, in public, on a semi-regular basis.
  • He's bossy.
  • He cannot tolerate a situation where he perceives anything less than 100% of my undying attention is directed at him.
  • He doesn't enjoy eating.
  • He is impossible to get moving in the morning.
  • He ALWAYS wakes up crabby.
  • He's extremely particular about his clothes.
  • Did I mention the food thing already?


  1. Bossy? I wonder where he got that....

  2. My parents had a hard time getting me to eat when I was a kid, they found out I was lactose intolerant, so everytime I ate I got a belly ache. After that ... I was gung ho to eat, as long as I wasn't going to ache for hours afterwards.

  3. I'm still working on the potty-training thing, myself.

  4. Oh man, the smart ones never forget anything, it's so annoying!

  5. It's SO annoying when they won't eat!
    "How many more bites?"...I HATE THOSE WORDS.

  6. I am commenting on your posts because you changed the format. I do as I'm told. I like the new format because pop-up boxes are scions of the devil.

    Aside from being potty-trained, my daughter matches Gabriel on a fair amount of both the good and the bad. A little more interest in food - though not always, and she's undersized. The pickiness about the clothing sometimes makes my head explode.

  7. I know where he gets the good memory from.. isn't the not eating food thing so frustrating. I know this doesn't compare at all, but when we travel, Maggie stops eating 100%. like for up to 5 days... I don't understand. then she starts eating dirt and grass and snow and begging like crazy, but won't eat her own food. She is a dog, this is your son, magnitudes of difference, but I can understand.

  8. So what you're saying is he doesn't want to eat? Just making sure, I almost missed that.

  9. So you have issues with Gabriel and eating?
    The ability to nap anywhere is very overlooked as a child. Bossy...hmm...maybe strong-willed, like his mom?
    Some of that is very age appropriate. he is trying to figure out who he is! He sounds fun.
    PS...having a hard time commenting...dont' like it.

  10. Yep, I've got a cranky morning man who remembers everything and refuses to eat much of anything beyond pasta and PB&J's. He's eight, so don't hold your breath on a lot of those issues resolving any time soon.

    Maybe it's because of that Aquarius curse ;)

  11. Well there may be more bad than good, but at least he is potty trained. I will count that is a three-time win