25 February 2009

Failing as a psuedo-catholic athiest. Oh. Wait.

So. Happy Ash Wednesday everyone.

If you haven't been around for a couple days, DON'T SCROLL DOWN IT GETS UGLY. Just keep your hot little eyes trained right here.

I'm not Catholic. I'm not a recovering Catholic. I've never wished that I was Catholic.

(I don't even believe that Jesus Christ is my personal lord and savior. SHHHHH!)

But, I have a habit of giving something up for Lent. I feel like it's a good amount of days to make myself kick a habit/test my dependency on things. Past sacrifices have included drinking, dairy, deep-fried-fill-in-the-blank and chocolate. I try not to repeat. Last year I declared that I was giving up meat for Lent. I didn't eat any on Wednesday, or Thursday. On Friday, I had a bacon cheeseburger for lunch.


This year I'm just not sure. I can't think of anything really awful that I'm doing (that I'm willing to stop doing for 40 days). And I don't WANT to fail, so I know better than to say I'm going to give up caffeine or something. That's frankly not doable.



  1. It was a passing thought of mine to give something up for Lent (I am not catholic either) but it passed -- very quickly ;)

  2. Christians also celebrate lent... I don't even believe in "God" shhhh.... but I honor lent. To me it's like a new years resolution do over. I wanted to cut down on drinking, didn't succeed, but now I can totally do it, because lent is taken much more seriously and people will be all like "you're going to hell", and I'll be like "I don't believe in hell so that's cool", but will be secretly thinking "what if there is a hell" well I totally don't want to go there, so I'm just going to keep this promise to this fake God... plus Karma is a biatch! So day one of sobriety, wish me luck!

    Instead of giving something up, maybe give to a charity or something. According to Wiki it's called almsgiving. Or make a pact with yourself that everytime Kturd f's up you'll not let it affect you. Haha, let go and let God (for forty days). Good luck!

  3. Not being Catholic/religious at all, I once gave up saying the F-word for Lent just for fun.

    It was damn hard.

    My suggestion? Give up saying a phrase or word that you like to use a lot. It really makes you think about how much you say it.

  4. To follow up on Badass Geek...you could give up the word "FAIL" for 40 days. It would be an interesting experiment -- without "FAIL", would life involve less failure? Or of course, failing Lent would be the ultimate FAIL. So it's win win either way.

  5. I am with Badass ...I tried to quit swearing...but I fucking failed

  6. I think if you had to give up gossiping for 40 days it might inspire you to either keep a journal or start a novel.

  7. I don't give up things for lent anymore (I am the fallen type of Catholic who not only doesn't practice but doesn't believe in the need for organized religion)... I decided several years ago that whoever came up with the idea of giving something up for forty days was just silly and a little cruel.

    If something is good enough to give up for 40 days, it is probably good enough to give up forever.

    If it is more of a purge, like not eating for a while, then it's not religious... it's just a good time to diet.

    So, for LENT this year, and all subsequent years, I am going to do whatever I want during lent! In other words, I am giving up giving up things for lent and I will maintain it all year long.

  8. Perhaps you're just Jewish? :-) I have a cousin who is converting because she doesn't believe in Jesus either. Funny however she still loves Christmas Gifts!

    Coming from the bible belt, you really don't hear that much. I dare say most of my family doesn't believe anything. I don't think you are the minority really!

    Good luck with lent. I can't give up anything because I barely have anything to begin with..... still suffering from the possible deadly failure all around me. I live in a state of parinoia!

  9. I'm participating in Lent too even though I'm not Catholic. I thought about giving up dieting this year, but decided to give up Coke instead. The soda pop, not the drug. No way I could give that up. Just kidding. Good luck finding something worth your own abstinence. Oh, and I have to say this even though I feel kinda weird about it because I don't want to alienate one of my fave bloggers on the net. I'm sad that you're not a believer. Trusting Christ improved my life in a million ways, and I want that for every person I meet. To each his own and all that, but needed to share my feelings on this one.

  10. I am a fallen catholic as I like to call myself. Many years of involuntary participation and residual guilt. Am a solid agnostic now. I did try and be a "good catholic" for a short period early on in college. Went to mass a few times, gave up Chicken Strips and Fries for lent (a biggie for me!) but I can't remember if I lasted the whole time or not. Then I got over it.

  11. I was going to suggest you give up the word FATHER ie Gabriel's 'father' for 40 days. Do you think you could handle not posting about him for 40 days?

  12. I'm giving up nothing at all, and I feel really good about it.

  13. Give up socks, giving up socks is a hardship. Lovely thing about socks, when you wash them, you always are either missing some, or have extra, it's a conundrum. Okay ... maybe just give up conundrums. :)