17 February 2009

Doing my part to stimulate the economy

Frivolous purchases, the tax return edition (much has been pined over in previous entries here):

*I bought two bookshelves on sale from Target ($49.99 each) to help tackle this little problem.

*Maggie said it was good, and I do what the Internets says, so I bought The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post Pregnancy Workout DVD.

*From Anthropologie I bought the capelet I've been pining for (now on sale for just $29.95! It doesn't matter if I don't have an outfit in mind yet! Such a steal!), along with this adorable apron on sale for $19.95, and a couple of really pretty mugs that were on sale for $3.95 and aren't up on the site anymore.

*From the Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic trifecta:

Puff-Sleeve Tee (on sale $10)

Bow One-Piece (on sale for $29.99)

*I also got from Banana Republic this really lovely dress that I tried on in stores like three months ago and it looks fabulous, and on Friday it was on sale, so I could justify the expense, but it's not listed on their website right now, so I imagine they must be sold out.

*I'm considering some of my favorite Target shoes, many of which are on sale right now.

The rest of my money is going to bills and boring, but I had a fun weekend of internet shopping.

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  1. Follow-up: Bathing suit didn't fit quite right, Old Navy sundress was unflattering, everything else was wonderful.