05 February 2009

Alright already: 25 Things

I keep getting tagged on Facebook for this "25 Things" thing. I've grouped it into more manageable numbers:

Five physically unpleasant experiences:
1. Being woken from a dead sleep because Gabriel puked. On my face. My mouth was open.
2. Child birth.
3. Having about 1/2 inch of my finger bludgeoned off of my hand (down to the bone) by my parents' front door.
4. Getting my hair brushed as a child.
5. Having my ear drums burst. Pick a time.

Five foolish choices:
1. Calling 9-1-1 for a cab.
2. Jumping off the roof of a 12-foot structure at my sister's wedding, and spraining both my ankles.
3. Drinking Slurping beer off the floor of a tent (owned by the UCSB dorms) for a dollar.
4. Drinking tequila. Ever.
5. That time when I was learning how to drive and I didn't put my mom's car in park. And it rolled down the driveway.

Five emotionally traumatizing events:
1. When I was a little kid I fell asleep in the car and my mom thought I was pretending to be asleep so she'd carry me in, so she left me there. I woke up at 2am locked out of my own house. I knocked on the door and no one came, so I started yelling, and my dad told me I was having a bad dream, and that I should go back to sleep.
2. On my fourth birthday, my grandpa called me a pest and made me cry. Then he took me to get my ears pierced to cheer me up.
3. When I was 2, I had to get tubes in my ears, and I was at the hospital, and the lady stuck a thermometer up my butt, and my mom just sat there. And let her.
4. My dad took my family to a Cocaine Anonymous BBQ.
5. My neighbors threw a keg from their living room, through the shared wall, into my bedroom. While I was asleep. High on Nyquil.

Five things Once:
1. Once a part of my engine fell out of my car. Onto the road. While I was driving.
2. Once I made my friend Kyle buy liquor from the grocery store with a student ID. It worked.
3. Once I wrote my roommate a letter telling her that I was losing my mind. I was serious.
4. Once I broke up with my boyfriend by writing him an email.
5. Once I shared a bathtub with 8 or 9 other people. At the same time. In Las Vegas. When the bubbles cleared, I decided I needed to get out before I caught a disease. So I drank more.

Five 2009 Goings:
1. I'm going to Chico on Saturday.
2. I'm going to Boston in March.
3. I'm going to Portland this summer.
4. I'm going to Chicago in July.
5. I'm going to Colorado in September.


  1. This was a good way to do it... but your traumatizing things... are traumatizing for me to even to think about!

  2. Foolish Choices or Unpleasant Experiences..... both were really really hard for me to read without one eye closed (wincing from pain).

  3. The finger thing kind of freaks me out.

  4. You and Molly make me seriously wonder about my childhood and how I ever thought it was tough or eventful.

  5. Holy hoolies, I'd try to forget some of this stuff if I were you. Anytime someone asks me about embarrassing moments, etc I never can think of any because I try to block them out of my mind. I think I'm much better off that way. lol

  6. I assume Chicago in July is BlogHer? I should probably go, but even without needing a hotel room, who could afford it?

    Then again, I have a couch bed, so maybe I could pay my way by renting it out to distant travelers?