28 February 2009

Oh, David

This has been around for awhile, but it's also been my favorite YouTube video for awhile, so I just wanted to share:

27 February 2009

When the ADHD gets too strong for me

I've written three posts separate posts this morning that have each ended up in the Save As Draft Rubbish Bin:
Gabriel! Still not eating! Me! Freaking right the fuck out! Dear lord what is wrong with this stubborn little child?
Some guy semi-accused me of stealing his iPod Touch last weekend and, um, hello?? Never minding the different music and the pictures and video of my kid: MINE HAS MY NAME ENGRAVED ON IT BITCHES. I didn't do that while you were in the bathroom.
Boston? The hell? When/why/with whom OHMYGOD SO EXCITED.

26 February 2009

An awkward post about god*

All of my grandparents are/were atheists. Of my great-grandparents? One or two of them may have had some loose religious ties, but really? Atheists. This wasn't some radical notion I came to when I was rebelling against my childhood. For me rebelling would probably look more like finding Jesus and jumping into corporate America.
Yes, I'm an atheist. I'm not agnostic. I don't think maybe. Science answers all my questions, I'm not bothered by the idea that nothing happens after I die, and I think that the power and beauty of human love and emotion bears no further explanation. Love is real, and it doesn't bother me that nobody created it. The odds of random chance getting us here don't seem far fetched.

I understand why people seek out religion. Occasionally, I wonder if I'm missing out on something, because I feel no spiritual void. Does my person lack some basic human element to explain and mythologize and judge? Am I flawed in that I have never felt the desire to do so? Would my life be easier if I could chalk things up to "God's Plan"?

Probably not.
Like I say, I'm not bothered.

I am bothered when I'm approached by people who think that they can/should/have the right to change me or my beliefs.

I don't judge you.

Please don't judge me.

*I don't generally feel the need to lay out my religious beliefs, but they've been being questioned a lot lately, so....sorry?

25 February 2009

I have a thing for wall decals, okay?

Okay, so if you've ever actually been to any home of mine, you'll know that it takes me approximately 11-15 months to put anything on my walls, or do any decorating at all. And since I'm a renter with no interest in repainting at move-out, I never actually paint. I've been living with standard rental-cream walls for the past 8 years.

That said.

I LOVE interesting walls, and decals just seem like such an easy way to do it. I found this one at studio jk vinyl, it's $65.


Just found out that Duncan (24-year-old brother) got into medical school at UC Davis, which was one of his top picks.

I'm ridiculously excited and happy for him. I feel like I got in or something. And I'm glad he'll be in Davis, which isn't too far away.

And seriously? Duncan is going to be the BEST doctor.

Now that he's settled in what he's doing, he'll be taking off on his bike in the next week or so. Possibly to Costa Rica? Yeah I don't know either.

Also, I've decided to follow Papasan's suggestion that I give up using the f-word for Lent. And no, I don't mean fuck.

Failing as a psuedo-catholic athiest. Oh. Wait.

So. Happy Ash Wednesday everyone.

If you haven't been around for a couple days, DON'T SCROLL DOWN IT GETS UGLY. Just keep your hot little eyes trained right here.

I'm not Catholic. I'm not a recovering Catholic. I've never wished that I was Catholic.

(I don't even believe that Jesus Christ is my personal lord and savior. SHHHHH!)

But, I have a habit of giving something up for Lent. I feel like it's a good amount of days to make myself kick a habit/test my dependency on things. Past sacrifices have included drinking, dairy, deep-fried-fill-in-the-blank and chocolate. I try not to repeat. Last year I declared that I was giving up meat for Lent. I didn't eat any on Wednesday, or Thursday. On Friday, I had a bacon cheeseburger for lunch.


This year I'm just not sure. I can't think of anything really awful that I'm doing (that I'm willing to stop doing for 40 days). And I don't WANT to fail, so I know better than to say I'm going to give up caffeine or something. That's frankly not doable.


24 February 2009

I just have this one tiny, tiny thing to say

After I moved out, it eventually came back to me (small towns are a bitch) that Donk-Wad/K.Dot/MyBestFriendAndBiggestFan/FavoriteAnonymousCommentor had been telling a lot of people around Chico that Gabriel was his godson.

I mean.

That's his kid.

And have you SEEN our son? He's the most beautiful, smart, engaging, sweet little boy. Why wouldn't you want to own that? Wouldn't you be shouting it from the rooftops?? I mean, holy shit our kid is AMAZING.

He can tell whatever version of events he wants to tell. I don't really care. I encourage it, even, if bandaging his pride makes him act like a better person.


I never wanted to be anything but a good mother to Gabriel.

I never wanted anyone to think I was anything but his mother.

What if I said he was my godson??

Can you even imagine?

Suffering from acute Donk-Wad-itis

I'm not quite so angry about this now, so some of the vitriol has probably drained from the story. You'll still get the gist.

I was bringing Gabriel to his dad's in Sacramento this weekend; dropping him off Friday night, and continuing on my way to Chico. I wasn't quite sure what time I would be leaving on Friday. Donk-Wad was aware. He asked me to text him when I left SC. I did.

Our usual plan is to meet at the Ikea in West Sacramento, but we hadn't actually spoken on Friday about times or plans or anything else. He asked me to text him when I left, and I did. Then I called him when I hit the 680. When I went over the Benicia bridge. When I hit Fairfield. He never answered the phone. Which is how I found myself 20 minutes outside of Sacramento with no idea where in the bloody hell Gabriel's father might be. I called him about a thousand times then, leaving increasingly angrier messages. I texted him. I called him. I texted him again. Then I was IN Sacramento, and I'm sorry, but when someone has repeatedly proved themselves to be the most singularly unreliable human on the planet, I'm not just going to pull into Ikea on the off chance that he decides to show up/call me back. I'm sorry but that is not a plan. So I called him a final time to tell him that if he couldn't pull his head out of his ass for long enough to answer his phone and arrange to pick up his son, I was driving to Chico with Gabriel, and he could come there and pick him up.

Donk-Wad called just as I was leaving Sacramento.


Because it had taken me less time than he had anticipated for me to get to Sacramento.

And that was my fault.

I'm sorry, but you KNOW your kid is coming into town, you might want to, oh I dunno, ANSWER YOUR PHONE? Maybe? Too much to ask? That's fine. How bout you let me know ahead of time? Check it out fucker, you don't even have to TALK to me. You can send me a text message to the tune of, "Hey I'm not gonna have my phone on me, but let's plan on meeting at X time." Because if we had settled on a time, I would have been happy to wait for the FAIL at Ikea, because there would have been some communication, some planning.


If you totally suck at living your life, and you can't be bothered to answer your phone at any point during the three hours during your son's estimated arrival, when you do call? Just apologize. I mean, I'm driving your child over a hundred miles so that he can see you. A tiny bit of chagrin would carry you far.


Anyways, then he was all pissed at me and going, "Well I guess you can just have him for the weekend," which was pretty shitty since Gabriel was fully crying in the backseat about how he just wanted his dad. So I told him that while I wouldn't drive all the way back to West Sacramento, I would meet him in Natomas (the part of Sacramento closest to where I was). So we arranged to meet at the Natomas Safeway. This is about ten minutes away from the Ikea (where he claimed he as waiting for us). I know. I had JUST DRIVEN THAT DISTANCE. I was waiting in that damned parking lot for 40 minutes.

Gah. This was by no means the most ridiculous, the worst, the most depraved, the flakiest, or the least responsible thing he's ever done, but it's the most recent, and I was just so DAMNED mad about it.

My whole life would be happier and better if I could just get myself into a mental space where he couldn't piss me off so much. I'm working on it.


23 February 2009

Saturday Pictures in Two Sets*

First we have the incredibly adorable Deleono, eating his ice cream:

Next we have...well...Saturday night was fun...

*Photo sets for some reason don't show up in most feed readers, but if you click through, they exist.

20 February 2009

Thanks Dad!

Alternate title: The most traumatizing thing anyone has ever said to me.

"I was statutory raping the shit out of your mom when she was 16."

19 February 2009

Anthropologie Dresses

I want I want I want! Tragically, I cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on pretties right now. I could probably afford to buy one nice dress from my favorite venue for such things, but I can't decide.

18 February 2009

I warned him, but he didn't listen

"I smell a bad smell."

"Oh. I farted, sorry."

"Why did you have to make it go in my NOSE? MY NOSE? It SMELLS MOM."

"Check it out. If you would physically detach yourself from me for even five seconds, maybe I'd make other arrangements, but I've been holding you for two straight hours. I didn't really have a choice."

"Doesn't mean you should STINK on me. Not fair."

"Oh it's fair alright. You made me hold you while I peed. You're not an infant. I should be done with that nonsense. Whiner."

"Stinky gross-o!"


Not late yet

*Yesterday, I woke up an hour late because the power had done something MAGICAL in the night, and my alarm clock was flashing 12am at me when my mom called at seven. I need to leave my house by 7:10 to get Gabriel to school and myself to work on time (I start at 8). Somehow I sat down at my desk at 7:50. I have no answers.

*Today Gabriel woke up at about a quarter to 6 all whiny whiny fuss fuss I just want to snuggle. I need that time to get myself ready, lunches made, coffee, etc., so I was convinced the entire time that I was running late. Gabriel said his ear was hurting, and frankly I think he was faking it because he wanted to stay home. We left the house at 7:15. We stopped at Long's for some Motrin which I gave to the boy before dropping him off, on the off chance he's not faking. Yeah, I'm an all-star parent. But a girl's gotta get paid. I sat down at my desk at 7:55.

Whoever's decided to bend the laws of time and space for me, know that I'm truly appreciative.

17 February 2009

Doing my part to stimulate the economy

Frivolous purchases, the tax return edition (much has been pined over in previous entries here):

*I bought two bookshelves on sale from Target ($49.99 each) to help tackle this little problem.

*Maggie said it was good, and I do what the Internets says, so I bought The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post Pregnancy Workout DVD.

*From Anthropologie I bought the capelet I've been pining for (now on sale for just $29.95! It doesn't matter if I don't have an outfit in mind yet! Such a steal!), along with this adorable apron on sale for $19.95, and a couple of really pretty mugs that were on sale for $3.95 and aren't up on the site anymore.

*From the Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic trifecta:

Puff-Sleeve Tee (on sale $10)

Bow One-Piece (on sale for $29.99)

*I also got from Banana Republic this really lovely dress that I tried on in stores like three months ago and it looks fabulous, and on Friday it was on sale, so I could justify the expense, but it's not listed on their website right now, so I imagine they must be sold out.

*I'm considering some of my favorite Target shoes, many of which are on sale right now.

The rest of my money is going to bills and boring, but I had a fun weekend of internet shopping.

Some things to share

First of all, it's officially official and, indeed I'm going:

BlogHer '09 In Real Life

Will I see you there? Hopefully yes. Let me know.

Has anyone else seen this Bizarro ad campaign from the makers of high fructose corn syrup??

I feel like I've hopped onto a time machine, and here I am, in the 60's watching ads for cigarettes. They're not bad for you! They're really super cool! Have some! Only in this case, we're serving up a tall, frosty glass of Type II Diabetes. Seriously people? WHAT THE FUCK??

Also. I was watching the NBA All-Star game this weekend, and I STILL can't figure out why I was the only one expressing shock/confusion/wtf is going on for Shaq's "dance" intro.

16 February 2009

A night of experiments

I went out with Julia on Friday. First, because, I'm cheap and I don't like to buy all of my drinks at bars, I asked her to bring something over when she came to get ready at my house. That led to my unwitting participation in the experiment Does Vodka Go Bad? (answer: YES).

So we left my house in a cold state of sobriety. We got downtown, and splitting a pitcher of beer at a skeezy dive bar simply didn't feel like a frugal enough choice in today's tough economic climate. So we went to Long's (experiment: is Long's Drug's the creepiest place downtown you could possible go at 9ish on a Friday night? answer: YES).

Everything there was looking a might pricey, so we ended up selecting a small bottle of Skolvar Vodka to share, and we each got a Gatorade and/or "Juice Drink" for ourselves. Dumped out part of the Gatorade a la Getting Drunk at a High School Dance. And....went to the bus station to drink it. Until the security guard yelled at us. Experiment: Is there anything classier than sneaking sips of cheap mixed drinks on a bus station bench? Answer: NO.

That's a lot of teeth

15 February 2009

Gabriel Fights the Bad Guys

I'm the princess, and I'm trapped on an island prison, which just so happens to be the couch. This suits me perfectly.

Fighting the bad guys


13 February 2009

Thoughts for the week

*Holding your trash and your keys in the same hand is a mistake. And if, as you're opening your dumpster, you think, "Gee, it would be awfully stupid if I accidentally threw my keys away," DON'T DO IT! Please. Don't do it. Because guess what? Climbing into a dumpster is a lot harder than you might expect. You're balanced all weird on the edge of it with your legs flailing in the air. And then getting out you're paranoid that you're accidentally going to kick the back of it and have the lid come smashing down on top of you. Mistake.

*If you go 40ish hours without sleep, be prepared to spend the week utterly exhausted.

*One nice thing about driving a stick shift is that if your spedometer breaks, you can still maintain a rough idea of how fast you're driving.

*If you think that no one is available to drink pink boxed wine with you, you're just not asking the right people.

Over on Disgraced Shopping, I'm talking about sex. With myself! Yay! Because I'm still not having sex with anyone else. Suck.

12 February 2009

On the plus side, I'm typing REALLY fast right now

Oh hai, I'M DRINKING COFFEE! Would you care to join me while I reorganize my post-its?

Here's some things I'm really good at:

*Obsessing. Particularly if I know in my Thinking Brain that this will do not one whit of good. I'm not getting enough sleep? Let me OBSESS about the fact that I'm not getting enough sleep. I know! I'll think about it INSTEAD OF SLEEPING. Genius.

*Compulsive behavior. Let me check my account balance one more time. Okay once more. It's been five minutes, I'll look one more time. Okay, I better check again. NOTHING TO SEE HERE I'M NOT CHECKING MY ACCOUNT BALANCE FOR THE 27TH TIME THIS HOUR. Don't tell me that nothing will have changed because it DOES NOT MATTER.

Oh, and what else? Let's see, this morning we were getting in the car, and I had the following conversation with Gabriel:

"Mom! What was that noise?"

"What noise?"

"Well, I listened, and it sounded like noise, and I could here it in my ears. What was it?"


11 February 2009

Expert Photography


Gabriel, on his third birthday. One of only three pictures I managed to take. All are equally charming.

I dropped my keys in the dumpster this morning

I'm posting this by way of distraction.

I don't know what you're searching for!

Searches that landed at my blog, January 2009 edition:

vagina fruit

"anne rice" menstruation vampires

"up to my ankles in mud"

bitches who wear heavy makeup

black face karaoke bar

freud take a day off you weirdo

lilo and stitch naked pictures of just lilo

strange thing to hear in the bedroom

I may need to rethink some of my subject matter...

10 February 2009

How is Valentine's Day ruining my life this year?

*I think I'm supposed to suck it up and buy Valentines for Gabriel to take to school this year and I don't WANNA. Seriously? It's a waste of money for a bunch of commercialized crap. I mean, if I had the time or the inclination to do homemade Valentines? Different story. But I don't.

*I have Monday off, and I love going out on Saturdays when I have Monday off cuz then if I'm grouchy/hungover on Sunday, it doesn't waste the whole weekend. However. All of my friends are either married or virtually so, and Saturday's Valentine's Day, so....that sucks. Sorta.

Okay really that's all I got.

Oh wait!

*My dad still gets me a See's Candy heart full 'o' deliciousness every Valentine's Day, and I'm gonna have a hard time not eating it all in one sitting, and then I'll have a tummy ache.

*Also, I have no one to drink pink box wine with me.

The more wholesome part of my weekend

09 February 2009


I became friends with Ben because he misspelled bureaucracy in a drunken note left on the door to my dorm room more than 8 years ago. We've been to Vegas. We've scandalized a LOT of people. We've poisoned our livers. We've waxed our bikini lines together.

Ben draws on his nipples

He used to be one of the filthiest boys I knew. He tells me that since he's starting washing his clothes that's changed. But I wonder, Ben: Do you still pee in Gatorade bottles because you're too lazy to leave your room?

Freshman Year

He only dates psychotic women.

He used to get paid to be Jewish.

Together we can drink anyone under the table.

I'm visiting him in March.

Happy Birthday Benji my love.


Scandalous Saturdays

Me this past Saturday, and the way I figure it, there were exactly two things that got me there:

07 February 2009

A conversation between Gabriel and Elliot

This was what the boys had to say when my sister came over to pick up Gabey yesterday:

Elliot: You mama sick?

Gabriel: Yeah. She just needs to lie on the floor right now.

I'm feeling better today, although I've apparently spread my plague to the rest of my family.

06 February 2009

This is not Candy Land

Today I was going to write about how I've been sick for like two weeks, and yeah, that totally sucks balls and everything, but it's Friday, I have weekend plans, and my life? It's not so bad.

And then?

I've been puking pretty much non-stop for something like 13 hours, not that I'm keeping score.

My sister had to take Gabriel to school for me, because I couldn't pull myself up and together and into a cohesive unit well enough to leave my house for the grueling 15 minutes that would require.

I am literally writing this from my bathroom floor. The linoleum feels really good on my cheek.

Have a good weekend.

05 February 2009


Easy aspects of Gabriel:
  • He speaks clearly and fluently.
  • He's fully potty trained.
  • He's intelligent.
  • He can be reasoned/bargained with.
  • He has a fairly keen grasp of punishments and rewards.
  • He naps.
  • He naps in unfamiliar settings.
  • He can be distracted with the television.
  • He can play for long periods of time by himself.
  • He's careful, and is unlikely to make a huge mess, break things, or hurt himself.
Difficult aspects of Gabriel:
  • He lacks the desire or inclination to ever eat anything at all, a necessary component of STAYING ALIVE.
  • He's a whiner.
  • He's extremely picky.
  • He has a lasting memory. If he falls asleep wanting something, he wakes up with the exact same agenda the next day.
  • You have to fight with him to get him to eat.
  • He has no problem throwing balls out, kicking, screaming, awful tantrums, in public, on a semi-regular basis.
  • He's bossy.
  • He cannot tolerate a situation where he perceives anything less than 100% of my undying attention is directed at him.
  • He doesn't enjoy eating.
  • He is impossible to get moving in the morning.
  • He ALWAYS wakes up crabby.
  • He's extremely particular about his clothes.
  • Did I mention the food thing already?

Woodland Songbirds Earrings

$24.50 at The Sparrow's Nest.

Alright already: 25 Things

I keep getting tagged on Facebook for this "25 Things" thing. I've grouped it into more manageable numbers:

Five physically unpleasant experiences:
1. Being woken from a dead sleep because Gabriel puked. On my face. My mouth was open.
2. Child birth.
3. Having about 1/2 inch of my finger bludgeoned off of my hand (down to the bone) by my parents' front door.
4. Getting my hair brushed as a child.
5. Having my ear drums burst. Pick a time.

Five foolish choices:
1. Calling 9-1-1 for a cab.
2. Jumping off the roof of a 12-foot structure at my sister's wedding, and spraining both my ankles.
3. Drinking Slurping beer off the floor of a tent (owned by the UCSB dorms) for a dollar.
4. Drinking tequila. Ever.
5. That time when I was learning how to drive and I didn't put my mom's car in park. And it rolled down the driveway.

Five emotionally traumatizing events:
1. When I was a little kid I fell asleep in the car and my mom thought I was pretending to be asleep so she'd carry me in, so she left me there. I woke up at 2am locked out of my own house. I knocked on the door and no one came, so I started yelling, and my dad told me I was having a bad dream, and that I should go back to sleep.
2. On my fourth birthday, my grandpa called me a pest and made me cry. Then he took me to get my ears pierced to cheer me up.
3. When I was 2, I had to get tubes in my ears, and I was at the hospital, and the lady stuck a thermometer up my butt, and my mom just sat there. And let her.
4. My dad took my family to a Cocaine Anonymous BBQ.
5. My neighbors threw a keg from their living room, through the shared wall, into my bedroom. While I was asleep. High on Nyquil.

Five things Once:
1. Once a part of my engine fell out of my car. Onto the road. While I was driving.
2. Once I made my friend Kyle buy liquor from the grocery store with a student ID. It worked.
3. Once I wrote my roommate a letter telling her that I was losing my mind. I was serious.
4. Once I broke up with my boyfriend by writing him an email.
5. Once I shared a bathtub with 8 or 9 other people. At the same time. In Las Vegas. When the bubbles cleared, I decided I needed to get out before I caught a disease. So I drank more.

Five 2009 Goings:
1. I'm going to Chico on Saturday.
2. I'm going to Boston in March.
3. I'm going to Portland this summer.
4. I'm going to Chicago in July.
5. I'm going to Colorado in September.

04 February 2009

If you have no understanding of manual transmissions, this post might be REALLY boring. But maybe not. Read on!

My clutch has been somewhat problematic since August. Lest you believe me to be a complete psychopath, let me assure you that I DID take my car in, and my mechanic found a leak in the master cylinder, which he repaired (or replaced? maybe?). And he cautioned that because of that leak, I would likely need to replace the clutch. Soonish. Maybe even right thenish.

AAAANNNNNDDDDD.......that was....five months ago?

I've essentially been driving my car with no clutch for over 6 weeks now. It's sort of awesome. Like, if you need to shift, you just sort force it from 2nd to 3rd gear, and if you're going the appropriate speed, your car won't object. It's a good exercise in listening to your engine anyways. Or if you're at a stop, you can't really idle in neutral (on account of that pesky lack of clutch). So maybe your engine dies, but you need to restart it IN 1st gear, as in, you need to start the car and have it instantaneously move forward. Which is neat if you're at a stoplight. Especially if you're not the first car. Or if you're on a hill.

I was trying to make it through on my sheisty FRIGHTCAR until I got my tax refund, but no dice on that (I want to go out of town this weekend, and I don't want to get stuck there), so I took it to my mechanic's last night. It was after hours, so I just left the key in the drop thingy with the note, "I think it might need a clutch replacement?"

I called this morning.

This is what he said:


So that's $600 dumped out of my world.

But, at least now I'll be able to drive my car like a normal person?

Rock on Wednesday.

Fiona's Top

I love this so much I want to buy it and make for an imaginary child (it's a pattern). $9 from Rasmilla Knits 4 Kids.

02 February 2009

I think it's time for a story

Some of my names may be confused, because I'm having trouble recalling ALL of the names, but this is as close to truth as I can remember.

I went to Spain when I was 18 years old. And....I went to Pamplona for the running of the bulls. I went with five other people in my group. The town gets so crowded for the festival, that we had no plans for getting a hotel. We road a bus northward wearing the appropriate white and red (arriving at around 2pm), checked our stuff into a church, and started drinking. Three of the guys, Miguel, Rick and Kim, were planning on running. We outlined a get-our-asses-out-of-here plan, which was this: If we get separated, we'll meet back in front of this church tomorrow, after the bulls run. Deal.

Okay, back to my story. So there were six of us, and since we didn't have a hotel or anything, our honest-to-jesus plan was to just stay up all night drinking. We made it until about 7pm before we lost anyone. Chris/Jon/Mike (was your name Chris? I think it was) had some sort of horrifying staph infection ON HIS FACE that kept him from drinking, so when he and Miguel disappeared, we figured that at least one of them was consciously aware of what was happening.

At some point some guy bumped into me with his cigarette, and we were both drunk enough that it stayed there burning me for like 2 seconds before either one of us reacted. Even blind, stumbling drunk, that hurt.

A brief aside: I have a lot of scars on my hands. I'm missing two fingertips (one MUCH more dramatically than the other), and I have a mangled palm from a skin graft related to the more dramatic finger mangling. I also have two cigarette burn scars on my hands. They are both from my summer in Spain.

So I got some ice, out of my drink I think? Christy wanted some ice to chew on, I wouldn't give up my precious treasure, and she took off, pissed, by herself. This was I think at 930ish. This left me, Rick, Kim and Lois still operating as a group. 1am Chris(?) reappears, sans Miguel. At 3am, Miguel somehow finds us again.

Second aside: None of us had cell phones, this was way back in 2001, before everyone had cell phones, and we were in a foreign country besides that. I have no idea how we continued to find each other in what was an incredibly crowded, dark, and drunken atmosphere.

At around 4am, I've been drinking for 10 hours, and I NEED to go to bed. Somewhere. How about the park? Rick and Lois don't feel good about leaving me, young, blonde, American girl, alone, asleep in the park. Here is their proposed solution:

"What about over there?"

"The highway median??"

"It's grassy, it'll be comfortable."


"Look, we'll cover you with cardboard boxes, so no one will be able to see you, AND you'll be warm."


"I'm serious, I promise we'll come back for you in the morning, besides, we can meet at the church."

"Let's keep walking."

But really, our stamina was waning, and right after that, we were all looking for a spot to lay our heads. How about the park?

Miguel: NO! you know where I was sleeping before? I was at this beautiful castle, with fresh grass, it'll be perfect!

So we forgo the park to return to Miguel's "castle." Which turns out to be a dirt patch in front of a cathedral. We slept on the cobblestones in front of said cathedral, while it rained lightly, sharing a single airplane blanket. There is not a doubt in my mind that we were sleeping in urine.

The next morning, we found Christy, asleep on the bench in front of the meet-up church, with a homeless man braiding her hair.

Thus concludes the story of the only time in my life that I turned down sleeping in a box, and that turned out to be a mistake.


I don't really have any Superbowl thoughts. I watched, it ended up being a surprisingly good game, but I don't really give a shit about either team, so I wasn't particularly invested. I actually spent most of the game playing Scrabble with my sister and hassling Daniel about his science fair project. I don't know WHAT he would do without two bossy older sisters to hassle him daily.

I AM sad that I missed The Office though. Gabriel was falling apart and needed to go to bed stat.

I've been sick for long enough at this point that I'm starting to admit that it has more to do with my mind fucking up my body than my body doing anything at all. Be that as it may, my left eardrum feels just about ready to rupture, and I feel the familiar itch of strep throat coming on.


Scrabble Tile Necklace

$5 from Keys and Memories.