10 January 2009

Vague attempt to explain where I went to high school

I went to normal public school through 9th grade. I like to be very clear on that point, because I think it's important to emphasize that I really do know what it's like to go to normal school with normal amounts of people. Then, for 10th-12th grade, I went here.
  • We had a guru. Seriously.
  • There were 11 people in my graduating class.
  • Performing arts are mandatory.
  • Every spring, we perform this play.
  • You are not allowed to wear shoes inside.
  • Many of the teachers and students are also members of the community.
  • Now, there's a dedicated school campus, but when I went there, we had class in any number of these facilities, which led to a lot of walking, and a lot of rescheduling if they were rented out during school time (yknow, for yoga retreats or whatever).

Arts were pretty heavily emphasized. Here's a print one of my classmates made of our English teacher:

Despite the freakishly small student body, they have a freakishly good volleyball team, which wins championships and stuff. I think that last year the girls' team won the CA State Championship, which, considering the fact that there are likely less than 30 girls in the high school student body, is pretty freaking impressive.

Speaking of freakish, this is also the school I talk about if I'm ever mentioning the fact that the girls at my high school were freakishly good looking. Never in my life have I felt as gawky and awkward as I did at MMS. Sure, the nature of being 16 contributes to that; I probably would have been gawkward anywhere, but comparing myself on a daily basis to a bunch of beautiful, skinny girls didn't help. At 125 lbs, I was a fat kid. Seriously?
WAY back when I was writing about my Halloween costumes, I was SERIOUSLY wishing for a scanner, because you can't even imagine how awesome I look dressed up as the letter H. That wish and desire were just magnified 47-fold when this post came into my brain. How to paint you a picture of me, dressed as Sampati the wingless vulture? How to paint the picture of the rafting trips/ski trips/trip to D.C./trip to Italy/trip to Mendocino?

This is also why even if I wasn't close friends with someone in high school itself, um, we weren't very many, and I feel like we know each other really well, and I'm always excited to see them.

High school was, to say the least, different.


  1. Thanks to Molly... I truly appreciate a good MMS story :)

  2. Is that school in India? hee hee!
    It actually sounds awesome - except for all the beautiful, skinny, kick ass volleyball players running around.

  3. That picture is kinda freaky.

    Like freakishly freaky.

  4. this is probably partly why you are cooooool.

  5. Fred!
    Weren't we demonesses together your fist Ramayana?