04 January 2009

Sometimes I REALLY can't give him everything

It started off innocently enough. Christmas had just passed, and we were reveling in our spoils. The holiday had provided the sun and the moon to Gabriel's young eyes. Yet his birthday, in January, is just around the corner. So I asked him.

"What do you want for your birthday?"

After a couple moments of very serious thought, he looked up at me with those impossibly blue eyes of his.

"I want to be six."

"You want to be six?"

"Yeah. When I'm six, I'll be in kindergarten, and I know how to read, and I can ride a really big kid bike with just two big wheels and not the little baby wheels that I need to keep me from falling down."

"That's true, but this year you're going to be three. That's halfway there."

"But I want to go to kindergarten. And I want to read. And I want to be six."

"You'll probably learn how to ride your bike without training wheels before you turn six. And maybe read too. Who knows?"

"But I won't be in kindergarten."

"You start kindergarten when you're five actually."

"But not three. I want six!"

This discussion was taking place right before naptime, so I ended it there. I told my mom and my sister, because I thought it was so darned cute, but I honestly didn't pay too much thought to it beyond that.



Gabriel is convinced that he's turning six on his birthday. He's going to be two. And then he's going to be six. He asked Mr. Halloween for a Spider-Man costume, and Mr. Halloween delivered. He asked Santa for a Spider-Man bike and a cookie, and (despite the almost-FAIL) he got just that. He's not really understanding why he can't be six. THAT'S the one thing he wants.

For my part, I feel like maybe I've come through for him these past holidays as best I could, and I feel like that was the right thing to do. I don't think I should have broken him of his hopes. His requests were so reasonable, his hope so genuine, why would I do that?

Asking to be six years old on your third birthday is just about the least reasonable thing. Ever in the world.

Yet the question remains. What should I get him for his birthday?

P.S., I'm still having this giveaway.


  1. I think you should get him a cake with a big giant 6 candle in the middle of it :)

  2. Let him be 6 for the day and then he can be 3 the next day - let him know it is a special wish granted just for the day of his birthday. It is birthday magic and wears off at midnight. Have a kindergarten party. Let him invite 6 friends, give him 6 presents, have 6 balloons, and yes, his cake should absolutely have a 6 on it. It will be fun and his imagination will grow because of it. You are clever - you will figure it out and I cannot wait to read how you do it!

  3. Um. It's your fault. He's your son, and you were once the child that used to ask for two gorillas.

  4. You could make him a t-shirt that says "Future Six Year Old" on it.

  5. how about a Very Merry Unbirthday in which he is Six?

    ha! kids like to fuck with us. :)

  6. That's adorable and frusterating. Maybe he'll forget that he wanted to be 6 at the sight of actual presents?

  7. Why can't you just bend time and make him 6, I mean, that's what all the cool moms are doing ;)

  8. I have no useful advice, but wow...what a cute conversation! So, um, good luck coming through for him.

  9. go with the 6 for a day birthday wish that only lasts til 12!

  10. As I have a child who frequently has odd requests, I'm with the other commentors. Get him some 6 balloons, candles, and that sort of thing. And hope like crazy that he forgets soon enough :)

    Oh, and remind him that when he's 6, he's going to have to DO CHORES (or whatever he hates to do). Ben's constantly telling me how he wishes he was a grownup and I have to remind him of his responsibilities and the like.

  11. Oh, boy! He's too funny. I say go with the "six for a day" theme, too, and sprinkle some magic dust on him to turn him back.

  12. I like the 6-for-a-day idea! adorable! I was babysitting for this little girl once, and she was telling me how her birthday was coming up. I already knew that she was 5 and turning 6 on the weekend, but I played along:

    "So how old are you going to be?"

    "5 and 1/2"

    I spent ten minutes trying to explain that every year you get a whole year older, but no, she was adamant that she was turning 5 1/2. Oh well, I gave up and we colored.

  13. Hmm. Wow. Tough one. I would maybe get him a basket of books at various levels to he can begin practicing to be six by reading. I might be wrong.

  14. Just get him 6 of everything in a massive effort to distract him ;)