11 January 2009

On getting along

Yesterday morning K picked up Gabriel. A couple hours later they stopped by my work to drop something off. Several of my coworkers remarked that we didn't seem to hate each other, and really we seemed like we got along just fine.

Well, yeah. I don't hate K. I'm pretty sure I don't hate anyone, and besides that it's pretty hard to hate the father of your child. I mean, Gabriel got half his genes from that man. Disgust? Disappointment? Frustration? Irritation? Yes to all of those, but I've never hated him.

And we do get along when we're face to face. The most pressing and obvious reason is that if we're in the same room, I promise that Gabriel is there too, and it's in nobody's best interest for us to fight in front of our child. Less obvious than that, neither one of us is particularly fighty or confrontational anyways. Do I think that K is essentially worthless insofar as maintaining his life as a responsible adult? Yes. But he's personable and it's perfectly easy to make small talk about the weather.

Unrelated, this marks my 500th post. I think maybe I'm supposed to do something fancy, but I'm not sure what, and Gabriel's chanting TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE CHOLO LEAN LIKE A CHOLO LEAN LIKE A CHOLO TWINKLE LITTLE STAR ELBOWS UP SIDE TO SIDE HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE TWINKLE TWINKLE TWINKLE and it's making it hard to concentrate.


  1. i have the worst headache and that makes it hard to concentrate. i'm having a shitty day and that makes it hard to concentrate! but i'm still here, reading. :)

  2. good job btw not fighting in front of Gabriel. it's what i've done and it's made all the difference.

  3. Congrats on the 500th post!

    And on not tar & feathering K. You are stronger than I....his life would be a constant waiting game. Trying to figure out how I was next going to glue something weird to him.

  4. Happy 500th! I think I would have a drink if I were you!

  5. Ahh, fighting isn't going to get him to pay up any quicker, so good for you.

    I'm with Maggie. My head is killing me, and I can't concentrate either. Must have been that interview!

  6. It's best not to fight. Good thinking there.

    500! That's huge. Congrats!

  7. I deal with this as well, and people are shocked by my ability to not bitch him out (he's a douche). And it takes a hell of a lot of biting my tongue (just like you, I'm sure) and reminding myself that engaging him just doesn't go anywhere.