23 January 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

The deadline to submit entries for Oh, The Joys ROFL Awards is Wednesday, February 4th. I'm nominating Swistle's post MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS. Because it's hilarious. And great.
Today marks my parents' 31st anniversary, the 34th birthday of Gabriel's dear Pa, and (as mentioned by Elizabeth and Molly) Kate's birthday. Kate's pretty much awesome, as evidenced by this photo, where she seems only slightly bothered by the fact that I'm groping her bosom:

With Kate

Tonight I get to spend the night at my parents' house because they're going to Calistoga for the weekend and they don't want my bratty teenaged brother to throw a party. Also they want someone to tend the fire, and let the dogs in if it's raining.

All of the pieces of my computer that I need to DO MY JOB seem to be broken in a computer-crashing-fatal-error type way. But the internet works. So that's something. Right?


  1. I enjoy the man in the back who is making a face very similar to Kate's.

  2. Crap-- sorry about the computer... what a headache... but as long as you can blog... what else is there anyway??

  3. You blogged...that's what really matters, I agree.
    Happy milestone's to everyone listed!
    Enjoy that fire...the one you are tending, right???

  4. work schmerk!!! Internet is the MOST important!!!

  5. Hey, get your hand off that poor girl's breast!

  6. wow.

    no really, that picture? amazing. why have i never seen this?

    thank you. best birthday present ever.