11 January 2009

The last week gets sorta crazy

January 21st my brother Daniel turns 12.
January 23rd my parents turn 31 years married.
January 23rd also K.dot turns 34. This is not really a concern because I don't give a fuck, but slightly a concern because Gabriel might someday. So I'm making note. And yes, 34. That's old enough to be a grownup.
January 25th my cousin Caleb turns 6.
January 26th Gabriel turns 3.
January 26th also Caleb's dad (my aunt's #1 dude) turns something, but I don't care. I note it for scheduling purposes only.

That's just the immediate family stuff. I also have some very dear friends who were birthed and borned in Enero. And a variety of shitty obligations, dentist appointments, doctors, etc. And of course the overtime I work this time of year. And....Gabriel's birthday.

It's on a Monday you see.

I have to work on that Monday, because I have to take most of that Wednesday (the 28th) off for other important and mandatory and less-than-exciting things.

It's not like he's born in some month of birthday wasteland, so's I can schedule a party wherever it suits me. There's too much OTHER going on all around for me to fit anything in.

AND. I don't know what to do. Normally I'd say that Gabriel's not old enough to care too much, but with Caleb's party happening the day before, he might have some expectations that I can't hope to fulfill.


  1. I like your blog. Do you feel validated now? :) Happy Birthday to Gabriela! Mine is on the 28th. I like to think you are taking off to celebrate mine! Ha ha ha. Thanks ever so much for stopping by.

  2. Maybe you can schedule his party before Calebs, therefore no expectations? Kids that age mostly don't care anyway as long as they get to rip open some presents and eat the icing off some cake.

  3. Heather beat me to it. I say do it before, too! Oh, and my brother didn't become a grownup until 35. There's still hope.