22 January 2009

In the past 24 hours

Gabriel fell down the stairs. The steep, terrifying, basement stairs at my parents' house. He fell from the top, all the way down to the concrete floor at the bottom. I heard the crash, and then the silence before the screams start, which is so much worse than when the screams are instantaneous. He is fine. He has a bloody scrape next to his eye. It's not too ugly, but he's an extremely careful child, and hardly ever hurts himself, so it's alarming to look at all the same. He's since been going down stairs by scooting on his bottom.

Last night Gabriel slept like a baby. I mean that literally. He woke up every 20 or 30 minutes whimpering and fussing until around 5am, when he finally slept soundly. I called in sick today. It was the sickness of headache and exhaustion.

Driving south on Bay, I passed a coyote running north. He looked lost.

I went to the toy store. I saw about a thousand things that would be perfect for Gabriel. In the absence of one thing that was the most perfect of all, I left with nothing.

At the dry cleaners, I was picking up a sweater. Someone got all their t-shirts dry cleaned. One says, "My other car is a Harley." Another says, "Raider Nation." Who are you?


  1. glad he is ok... take deep breaths.

  2. Honey, what a happy ending considering what could have happened - both you and him will be fine. Call me in case of panic attacks - I'm fully capable of comforting anybody other than myself.

  3. I am glad Gabby is ok - you'll have to see the picture on my blog today - it brings new light to dry cleaning.

  4. When I was little... the story goes htat I fell all the way down the stairs in my walker... yeah...

    My son god hit in the head with the tail gate of our truck recently...

    He did better than I did! So scary.

  5. What is the "one thing"? Fun post. -V

  6. i had a bad feeling when i started reading this so i'm really so glad he's all right

  7. I'm glad Gabey is doing alright. Falls are always spooky.

    The last item in your post reads like one of those "missed connections" items in Craigslist. Do you pine for a Harley-riding Raider fan who has his t-shirts pressed?

  8. I'm so glad Gabriel is okay. I hope that by now, you are too.

  9. I'm happy to hear that your boy is fine, heck of a thing falling down a flight of stairs like that.

    Who does get their t-shirts dry-cleaned? People who have no mothers or wives. Sad ... but true. Easier to pay someone else to do it.

    I'd do it myself, I hate doing laundry ... I can't justify the expense!

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  11. oh, and in re "the one thing": Have you ever seen these?


    Our sons are around the same age, give or take a couple of weeks, and mine LOVED his Surprize Ink book

    ie he did NOT lift his face out of it until he'd done the whole lot, and even now he gets the OLD book out and STILL goes nuts with it, despite all the hidden pictures now being visible.

    (then again, maybe it's the HIGH he gets from the ink smell he likes so much...)


    There's even a Spiderman Surprize Ink book!


    /end transmission


  12. I'm so glad he's okay. I can only imagine how scary that must have been!

  13. Glad he is okay. Though falling down stairs seems to be a rite of passage for kids. I remember lil moonspun's well.

  14. Scary stuff when it happens. Thankfully, kids do bounce a lot better than us grown-ups!

  15. Also glad to hear Gabe's okay.

    Maybe the guy who got his t-shirts dry cleaned was trying to remove evidence of a crime.

  16. Glad he's OK. My guy fell down the stairs on Christmas Eve and you sound like you took it in stride much better than I did.