14 January 2009

I'll just distract you with these!

This is probably, like, the best photo I've EVER taken of Mira, or something:

Mira Closeup

This is either the face of eternal beauty, or a mummy. I'll let you be the judge:

Check it out

If you ever want to see a psychic, I suggest this one. For one thing it was free, and for another she's a quadruplet. Also she freaked me right the fuck out by knowing Simon's name, my grandmother's name, that Laura's afraid to fly, describing Mike perfectly, knowing Laura is in "some sort of medical training" (like nursing school), knowing I "work with books somehow" (like I have a library degree and work in a bookstore), knowing our family's practically all boys, and a whole lot else. It was CRAZY, yo.

The psychic

It's not often that you see fear and disgust so neatly mingled on my sister's face, but this chick was SERIOUSLY creepy.

This was a VERY creepy lesbian

You wanna see me drunk? I live to oblige:

Slightly intoxicated

Do you know that I'm friends with one of the most heart-stoppingly A-freaking-DORABLE couples on the planet? You should see their Christmas card, it'll make you barf it's so fantastic:

Cutesy Pies Couple

And finally, you want me to TELL YOU A THING OR TWO?? Okay.

Check it.


  1. I think it's great that the girl was wearing a sweatshirt that labeled her species.

    I don't think there would have been any confusion, but still... It eliminates any confusion.

  2. what's up with the lobster red skin on the psychic?
    Oh and I can only imageine what gems came out of your mouth in that last picture!

  3. how do we contact the psychic - or do we just wait for her to get in touch with us? hee hee

  4. Just look at the smiles on those two. Yeah, they're too adorable to stand. You make a cute drunk, though ;)

    I hate psychics! Either they're completely wrong or they're so right that they tell me shit I don't want to hear. I avoid them like the plague, even if they're free.

  5. Oh my gosh, I have to read your blogs more often. When and how and why did you get that extreme close up picture of me?!?! Thats really frighteningly close. That was a fun night though!