27 January 2009

I would be thrilled if I was sleeping right now

I'm 102.7% sure that Gabriel has an ear infection. This comes as no surprise, really, since he woke up on Sunday morning whimpering about his hurt ear. Once we were up and out of bed he seemed to forget about it, and my pediatrician says that 80% of ear infections go away on their own, so I decided to pretend it wasn't true.

And, well, this morning Gabriel seemed a trifle sniffly. A tad bit under the weather, but it was his birthday! He's already stayed home sick on Halloween, I just knew today was a day that he'd WANT to go to school. Besides, 80% of ear infections get solved on their own terms, right? RIGHT?

At his after-school party, he definitely showed off his inner Birthday Troll, and while I could tell that we were fast devolving, I was also pretending that it wasn't true.

It became impossible to continue this charade when, with a weeping, feverish child on my hip, I made the tragic discovery that we are OUT OF TYLENOL. This horror did not make itself known until 5 minutes after the close of urgent care. Faced with the choice of either packing us off to the ER or suffering through the next 7 hours with a weepy toddler, I'm holed up in bed, prepared to sacrifice my night's sleep in the comfort of my own apartment. Right now I have Fantasia on so that when he wakes up to whimper (approx. every ten minutes), there's something to distract him, but it's not so distracting as to actually keep him awake.


  1. oh poor guy! Ear infections are the worst... we deal with them all the time at our house-- even WITH tubes!!

    I hope tha the feels better soon!

    Just for your own sanity.... take him in today and get some 'pink drink'!!

  2. Ok...now I know my remedy is going to sound crazy, but it worked for lil moonspun every single time when she was younger and had them ever year. Ready?
    Before he goes to sleep, wet a pair of his cotton socks in cold water and put them on him. Then put a pair of your wool (or something thick if you Californians don't own wool) socks OVER them. have him sleep with them on. In the morning the cotton ones should be dry. And in a couple days, with Tylenol helping with pain...it should be gone.
    This remedy was recommended by a doctor when lil moonspun was young. We figured it couldn't hurt to try it!

  3. Oh man. I hope he feels better soon!

  4. healtlh food stores (Henry's, Whole FOods) sell this ear drop i use religiously for ear infections and it works every time. it's a mix of oils- garlic and others, that are anti bacterial. they work as well as the doctors stuff and are easier to get! good luck, poor Gabriel, ear infections hurt like heck.

  5. Poor Gabriel, and poor mommy! Hope he feels better soon.

  6. Oh, no. Poor guy! My son used to be hysterical when he had an ear infection. Whimpering would have been welcome around here. He seems to have outgrown them (knock on wood).

  7. Why is that damn Tylenol bottle empty every time you need it? And why does it mysteriously move to a different location at 2am when you're looking for it?

  8. Aww poor little guy. I hate ear infections and I used to get them a lot!