07 January 2009


This is all quoted directly over the past few days.
Me: As of right now you owe me $900, plus $160 in overdraft fees from your bounced check. Come Monday (the 5th), that will increase to $1500 plus overdraft fees. I am curious of your plans to resolve this matter.

Him: I will resolve it and I am not entertaining questions as to how. You will get the normal money on time and I will let you know when anything else is coming when it is coming.

Him: Jenny, I am not forgetting about what needs to happen. When I get it, you’ll get it, it can’t come any faster.

Me: ???

Him: I sent it the monthly, I am working on the past due.

Me: Did you send a check?

Him: I cancelled the last check and I am sending a new one

Me: What?
You canceled what last check?

Him: The one that bounced so you cannot resubmit that check.

Me: I wasn't planning on it. It bounced. Why would I cash a bad check? That's retarded.

Him: I know but I had to be sure.

Him: I sent $600 that will clear just fine and I will get the rest shortly.

Me: So you sent a new check? In the mail? What bank do you have? I'd rather take it to your bank and cash it.

He just makes me feel all stabby. And then my eye starts twitching. And then I have a headache. Yknow?


  1. He makes me feel like inciting a riot, so I can't really imagine how you feel.

  2. I'm telling you - bebe gun - you just let me know

  3. You need to have a knee breaker on staff.

  4. What a pain in the ass! I am sorry you have to deal with that.

  5. first I would like to say that nothing bums me out more then to hear things like this. We have a pretty great situation over here with everything between both homes, but I will say that it takes a ton of work and constant communication to keep it that way. I send tons of good vibes your way that you feel like you have some support and that he becomes someone you can count on to be there for your boy as he grows. I really do.

    And my wife wanted to say... YES! boxer briefs on boys are the best.

  6. I am so sorry, That sucks! I gave up on trying to get any $ from Chase's father a long time ago, or anything else for that matter ex. showing up when he is supposed to etc. I am a lot less stressed cause I don't have to deal with his crazy logic and in return Chase isn't having to go through the emotional rollercoaster of him not ever following through. No money, No visitation.

  7. I... um... might know a guy... um... that could, you know... put the fear of God in him.

    If you'd like.

  8. Beware the eye tic.

  9. You know, you could threaten to use the $600 to buy a billboard with his photo and the current child-support amount outstanding and his phone number.

    If you were kind of evil like myself that is. Just a thought....

  10. Wow. I would feel all eye twitchy and stabby too. Unbelievable. Seriously. I'm so sorry.

  11. He makes my eye twitch! Sorry you have to deal with that shit.

  12. Um, demand money orders? Have his paycheck garnished?!