25 January 2009

Don't worry I waited awhile before I drove home

When I woke up this morning, my most burning question was this: Where was my coat, and why did I wear a baby blanket home, and where did that blanket come from, and at what point did I make that switch? Okay that was more like four questions.

But seriously guys. I know I was wearing my weird homeless man coat last night, but there's a big difference between wearing a legitimate article of clothing and WEARING A BLANKET DRAPED OVER YOUR SHOULDERS. (As I was writing this I remembered that the polyester baby quilt was from the hedge outside Jack in the Box).

Also of note:

A caveat (as I understand it) is a warning or caution. Against something. So you can't just start up a conversation with no point of reference with the line, "There is a caveat." A caveat to what? Do you know what caveat means, or are you just trying to sound smarter than you actually are? Also, your caveat was that your bathroom wall was splattered with blood, and it actually was. A caveat to that caveat was that you have bed sores. I was sort of creeped out, yo.

We left the bar to go to a party, and we stopped at the liquor store for cheap champagne and miniature bottles of pink wine. And then the party didn't look like a party, so we stood on the street and drank one of the bottles of champagne and all of the wine. Then we went to Callahan's, and I brought the other bottle of champagne inside, and that action went curiously undetected. So we drank that bottle too. But the bartender thought it was overly suspicious that we came in, went to the back room, and didn't buy any drinks, so then we all also bought drinks.

I may have had too much to drink last night.

Lucky for us Jenny was driving, so she drove us through the drive thru at Jack in the Box. You KNOW how I feel about that drive thru. Srsly. Then we went up to my sister's apartment and ate. It was somewhere in here that I switched out my jacket for a strange mystery blanket, because I arrived at my sister's wearing it.



  1. Oh I miss the days of parking in the front yard, sleeping with my clothes on, climbing through the window ... and what not!!!

    Sounds like a wonderfully good night!!!

  2. Coming home wearing a baby blanket and not remembering how it got there is the sign of a great night. You go girl.

  3. I think I'm going to start living vicariously through you.

    Is that okay?

  4. It's better than coming home in some guy's clothes and not knowing who they belong to!

  5. yeah the fact that we snuck in a whole bottle of champagne and nobody noticed??!! amazing.
    Also that blanket was dirty dirty and you wore it home.