10 January 2009

Don't say I never gave you nuthin

Via TBogg. It's from November or sumthin, but if it's new to me, then it's NEW TO THE UNIVERSE, of which I am the center. Duh.


  1. This? Is what is going to get me through my day today.

    Thank you, Grace. Thank you.

  2. I have to own this. I have to. I have to know where I can get this. Oh MY GOD!

    You just blew my mind. email me with details please.

  3. So, yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend about someone we know (notice I didn't say he was a friend, he's actually a sibling of a friend -- follow that?) who is home schooling his kids ... and is basically an evangelical Southern Baptist even though he is ministering to potential converts in New Zealand?!

    Why do I tell you this? Um because we've seen the "books" he is using to teach his kids -- basically anything scientific has been explained by god or refuted by god, as the case may be...

    Now I am just hoping that one of the books features this, preferably as a coloring book!

    Thanks, just what I needed for Saturday.

  4. Heh, saw it, but it's even better when your face is gracing the same page.