28 January 2009

The day that wasn't

Gabriel kept me up all Monday night with his aches and pains, so I had no intention of taking him anywhere but the doctor when we got up in the morning. I called into work to let them know that I'd be late, and I made an appointment.

When I called school to tell them Gabey wasn't coming, the director said, "Yeah he was sick yesterday, he fell asleep during circle!" And I said, "What what what? He was sick at school??" "Don't tell me the teachers didn't tell you!" "No, Gabriel's dad picked him up, so he didn't tell me." Seriously yo? When exchanging the offspring, an exchange of pertinent information is a common standard. My kid passing out in the middle of circle time? I consider it pertinent.

So we got to the doctor, where I happened to see the World's Tiniest Sign in the Most Obscure Corner on the Planet. Which said that p.s. your doctor is closing his doors. On Friday. Thanks for the notice? I hope we don't need any follow up just yet?

Gabriel's pediatrician was also my pediatrician, and he saw all my sibs, sees my nephews and cousins, and knows our family. So while he was peaking in Gabey's ears (yes! infection!) we were talking about how I still get ear infections all the time, and my bad ears/nose/throat combo, and how my lungs are broken. And Dr. says, "I think you might have a mild case of cystic fibrosis. You should ask your primary care doctor for a test."

Then I took Gabriel up to my parents' house, where I thought my dad was meeting me at 11:30, but he thought he was meeting me at 12:30, so when he got there I was all pissed, but he was still doing me a favor so I shouldn't have been. I FINALLY got to work at 1.

Then I talked to my mom and my sister on the phone. It was at THAT point that I realized the following:

(a) yes it's weird for your doctor not to notify you when he disappears into the ether
(b) Gabriel has lost 3.5 lbs since the end of August, which is something like 12% of his total body weight, which is sort of alarming. I'm officially concerned.
(c) cystic fibrosis is a big deal. Especially when you google it and you read about dying babies and life expectancy of 30ish.

RE the doctor retiring: That's fine, he's old, I have a new doctor lined up. I am curious though, as I sense a scandal (in December there was no word of the practiced being shuttered).

RE Gabriel's weight loss: I spent 2 1/2 years perpetually anxious, trying to Feed! Gabriel! More! He's one of those people who simply cannot be bothered you see. He doesn't particularly like food, or eating it. I finally decided that if I just let it be, he would eat what he needed to eat. He was probably eating a lot at school! Which makes up for how little he eats at home! Don't make a big deal out of it, that can only backfire. This strategy seems to have failed. I'm back to Plan A: Follow My Kid Everywhere With Food/Bribe Him Into Eating. I'll report back to you on that.

RE Cystic fibrosis: I feel a mite silly making an appointment to get tested because my son's doctor thinks that I get too many ear infections, especially if the diagnosis doesn't do anything but give me something on which to focus My Crazy. There aren't any particularly effective de-mucusing drugs out there. I've checked.
I would continue on my path of self diagnosis, but I can't quite figure out how to approach someone with the request that they lick me and judge my sweat for relative salt content. And that's seriously what They recommend on Web MD. Also? I don't wish to shorten my own life expectancy without cause.

Back to yesterday as a Giant Suck, my work computer crashed, and then I.T. was working on it all day, so I might as well not have gone through all of the ridiculousness to make it in since I couldn't really do anything once I got there.

I have a cold and it's driving me crazy.

I had to drive my uncle Jono home from my parents' house. I know it's mean but I HATE driving him. There's just too much legitimate insanity. I can't possibly be expected to hold up my end of a conversation about whom in our family should take it upon themselves to study German. In case we're ever invaded.


  1. That is a REALLY weird diagnosis to give casually in conversation.

  2. I am sorry for all this stress! I hope that it gets better!

  3. Jeez, sounds like a great day! An old doc of mine decided to close her provice and not tell anyone as well. I found out from another doc that let it slip, otherwise she would have just left without a word to any of her patients. Lovely

  4. I want to hug you, and then buy you a drink. But not in that kind of way.

  5. My SIL licked her niece when the doctors thought she had CF. I can not believe that they recommond this on Web MD and told my SIL that I better not find her licking my child!

  6. My SIL licked her niece when the doctors thought she had CF. I can not believe that they recommond this on Web MD and told my SIL that I better not find her licking my child!

  7. Start feeding Gabriel Carnation Instant Breakfast in the morning and if you can get him to drink one more time during the day that will help with the weight and nutrition?

    We used to use Pediasure for LB but can' afford it and that stuff is a great substitute.

    and way too hilarious about licking someone. That would be a hilarious request for a first date.

  8. What kind of doctor pulls that crap out of the air? Is he getting senile?

  9. Teachers didn't tell me... they said he had a cough which was pretty obvious and I explained to them that I took him to a doctor a couple of weeks ago. No mentioning of falling asleep during whatever it was you said.

  10. I'd lick you. But you already know that.

  11. Ear infections suck. I get them alot and have to be careful when I'm swimming and getting my hair shampooed when I get my hair cut. I hope Gabey is feeling better.

  12. Wow. there is a lot of stuff doing on in this post. First, I'm sure Gabby is fine, but hearing anything serious like cystic fibrosis would scare anyone. I hope you feel better too.

  13. I think you might be on to something w/ the scandal. Nancy Drew that & get back to me/us.

  14. judge your sweat for salt content relative to what?

  15. Um, that is an odd thing to say, but what could it hurt to get tested for it?
    Hope Gabriel feels better. I might get some more professional advice about feeding him more. I read somewhere that kids instinctively know how much to eat. But if he is losing weight, asking a professional about tips might save you some bribe money.

  16. If you decide to go to the dr to get a cf test, then FIRST get some life insurance... afterward it will be more costly -- and since you are the reliable parent, it's important that you get the insurance... oh and while you are at it -- it might be time to have a legal guardian in case you are not here for Gabey, too... I am hoping K won't come back here and read this and get all upset -- but Gabey's future is far more important than K's itty bitty feelings.

  17. My itty-bitty feelings are fine, I never care about Jenny's blog except that my father reads them and employers read them. I am sure she enjoys receiving support from me which would prove difficult if I weren't employed.

  18. Oh, boy!! Pulling CF out of the air like that is just not cool. It might be a very good thing that he's closing his doors.

    I'd get it checked out, because it would drive me nuts in the middle of the night, but that's just crap-ass doctoring.

    I hope you all feel better!