03 December 2008

Unrelated Snippets

*Seeing as Gabriel's almost three, and seeing as I'm not (very) delusional, there's a lot of pre-pregnancy clothing that I got rid of LONG ago. Never again will I voluntarily don a shirt that requires I spend an entire evening in public with no bra on. My bikinis are gone; the only people who are allowed to see my bare tummy are ones that are REALLY persuasive when extolling on my beauty and begging to see me nekkid. Then there are the clothes that only fit the skinnier version of me BEFORE I had Gabriel. I'm not that optimistic; I'd be thrilled to be the pre-Gabriel, fat me. But there are a lot of clothes that almost fit. And I just can't quite get rid of them. They drive me crazy, especially every six weeks or so when I forget that they don't quite fit and I try to wear them, only to rediscover the muffin top.

*There's this guy who hangs out outside of my work. He's young and normal looking and not obviously insane. But he carries all of his stuff in a USPS plastic tote. Like his lunch and his books and stuff. That's his backpack? I can't believe that's the most efficient means for transporting your possessions.

*One of my coworkers told me to make SURE I'm available after work Wednesday, December 12th. THAT IS NOT A DAY.

*I've been trying to figure out why my family has such an impractical gift giving tradition. We ALL give each other stuff, with a going rate of $15-25 per gift. I'M RELATED TO A LOT OF PEOPLE.

*I really like my new glasses. I do! But I feel like there has been an abundance of strangers complimenting them. Which is fine, except there are times when I would really like to be more incognito. The first two hours after I wake up, for instance. When my face is puffy, my under-eye circles are so dark they look like contusions, and I can't yet form coherent sentences. I would prefer not to be noticed, even if it's for something complimentary. So I haven't been wearing my glasses in the morning. Which makes being bleary eyed and confused EXTRA FUN.


  1. Hmm, I have commentary on a few of these points.

    -Perhaps USPS totes are in fact the new hipster fad, to replace messenger bags that fasten with airplane seatbelt buckles. He's just ahead of the trend. "Postal chic" they'll call it, or "going postal".

    -A few years ago my family (outside of the immediate - mother, father, sibling, grandparent) instituted a gift-rule that had each household only buy a gift for one other household. Ie, I might draw my cousin Nick out of the hat, and he's the only cousin, aunt or uncle to which I have to give a present.

    -The glasses. I complemented them upon meeting you. *cue vaguely uncomfortable silence*.

  2. Papasan: don't get me wrong, I like compliments, and I like my glasses. At 730am on the bus surrounded by dozens of smelly UCSC students? I prefer to go unnoticed.

  3. the first snippet is way too familiar to me and makes me very sad

  4. Wednesday, December 12th might not be a day THIS year. You should ask for clarification, just what year this person was referring to. So you can pencil them in.

  5. Wow a USPS tote? That cannot be the most efficient way to carry your stuff. I think you look great, don't worry about the pre-baby clothes.

  6. The USPS bag is weird, I have nothing for that.

    For Christmas, I get my parents and my brother something every year. Ditto for the in-laws. But the rest of my family does a Secret Santa where we each draw a name out of a hat and just give a present to that person. Seems to work much more economically.

    And the glasses...you might have to just suck it up and -- gasp -- take the compliment. I absolutely LOVE a woman in "librarian glasses" and my wife wears a pair. I get bummed when she wears contacts because I think glasses on a woman are hot as hell.

  7. You just made me think of how much I NEED to clean my closets. Damn you, Grace!

  8. Maybe you should suggest a different gifting strategy such as exchanging names. This would make things a lot more economical on everyone. Maybe then the price of the gift could go up a bit, that way everyone doesn't get a whole bunch of little gifts but one really nice gift. In my family everyone buys for mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and then we exchange names for the rest.

  9. on the USPS tote -- perhaps it is just an act of defiance as like milk crates they often include some warning about returning all totes to the USPS!

    Glasses -- when I first got my new glasses I got a lot of compliments, too -- and since I didn't choose them, I let the eye guy choose them, I felt silly accepting the compliments -- but then I got over it... not sure what time of day it was though

    I am looking forward to going through my closet -- as a bday present to myself -- and REALLY getting rid of anything that does not fit: too big or too small; and then buying myself anything I NEED! :)

  10. Two comments. For the holiday exchange, pick names. Then you can spend more. My cousins' family just started doing it. It was controversial at first, but they are enjoying it now.
    Second, wear the glasses. If they are truly your style, just accept the darn complements with a thank you!