17 December 2008

Thoughts, disordered.

First of all, I know I live on the California coast, and I know that it is much significantly colder in most other parts of the United States, but still: It was 22°F last night and THAT IS FUCKING COLD. I live in a town where it oscillates within 10° of 60° the whole year round. It doesn't get very cold, and it doesn't get very hot either. I am simply not emotionally prepared, and no number of adorable coats and fuzzy mittens can get me there.

Moving on.

I'm going to a Christmas party tonight, and it's immediately after work, so I actually had to put a tiny bit of thought into my appearance this morning. I'm extra matchy, and wearing makeup! And my hair is combed! And not just in a messy pony! Huzzah!

I'm kind of disappointed that this year my only Christmas party is on a weeknight, and that I only have one. Is this a mark of crashing economic times? No more Christmas parties?

Tomorrow is Gabriel's preschool Christmas concert. His class is singing Jingle Bells. We've been practicing at home, so I know for a fact that it will be adorable. And speaking of adorable, for the past week or so, Gabey's been trying a new tack on staying home from school, where he widens his eyes really big and asks how come we can just stay home together and play and have fun. When it was fussing and whining, yeah, I don't want to go to work either, but suck it up kid, we gotta do what we gotta do. The sweet request to spend the day together? MELTS MY HEART. And helps not at all with my go-to-work resolve.

It's not, by the way, as if Gabriel hates school. But he hates pants and he hates being woken up, and he figures if he got to stay home, he could wake up whenever and spend the whole day pants free. Probably, that's true.


  1. Hey, I live in a place that regularly has winter temps in the 20's and lower, and I still think that's fucking cold. I'm looking outside my patio door right now at the ice and snow all over my van, and thinking that 32 degrees sounds almost balmy enough to go to the mall. Almost.

  2. Philadelphia is relatively temperate for the east coast- but I remember living in upstate NY and living through 7 months of snow on the ground... the second the snow melted I would joyfully break out the flip flops- only for it to be ice-storming at 30 degrees. THAT SAID. I'm completely totally and utterly shocked it's that cold in Santa Cruz. I remember once upon a time my mom refusing to let me out of the house on New Year's Eve because it was 42 degrees- and that was honestly the coldest it had been in like 20 years.

  3. I grew up in Oxnard and it never got this cold... and now in Oakland it shouldn't get this cold -- the worst is that since no one is prepared for it to be this cold, heaters are always an after thought... it was seriously COLDER inside my apartment yesterday than it was outside.

    On school... I loved school at Gabe's age -- so much so that I begged to be enrolled -- at the same time, I loved to indulge in a day off.... this continued much through graduation of high school and probably after that but no one noticed anymore... so, my mother used two tactics...
    the first, she let me stay home when she knew there was something good going on at school, when I protested later (mind you I was 4) that I missed the trip to the airport (yes, I remember it that clearly) she said "you wanted to stay home" -- read, that will fix you...
    second, later when I was in REAL school (elementary) she would make a deal with me -- if I complained of being sick when I was only "sick" she would say, just go to school and if you still feel poorly at 10 am, call me and I will come get you -- some days I stayed at school and others I came home ....
    Just my two cents.

  4. Oooh, he's such a player! You're in for it, girl.

  5. My son does that too. Only with mom though. He knows it just bounces off me.

  6. I feel his pain. I hate pants too.

  7. Enjoy your party! Glad Gabe is doing better too!

  8. Well you live in a climate for him to be pants free...If only it were more socially acceptable.
    I live in Vermont 22 doesn't seem cold to me anymore. We've all got our limits, though.